The cure for a corrupt society

Written By: HarunurRashid
11/06/2013 21:47
Religion & Culture

When my friends prescribe books or bucks for building a civilised society, I look at them with an austere silence. For I don’t understand them or the thesis which makes them follow a material programme that people admire, appreciate and for which look upon them as skin-draped angels. People....    Full story...

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Rise of investment free capitalism in Bangladesh

Written By: HarunurRashid
27/05/2013 21:04

The freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for an independent Bangladesh hardly knew that their blood would create a country where capitalism would have a free, unfettered rise. Along with political freedom what they had foremost in mind was economic freedom for the entire population. But....    Full story...

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Latif on Mozena’s statement in Parliament

Written By: HarunurRashid
25/05/2013 13:27

According to a media report, the subcommittee of the Trade Policy Staff committee (TPSC) is due to submit its recommendations to US President Barack Obama at the end of this month. It has already held several rounds on the GSP benefits for Bangladeshi products. The GSP or Generalized System of....    Full story...

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Historical Role of Religion in Society and politics of Bangladesh

Written By: HarunurRashid
24/05/2013 12:32 23/05/2013 19:03
Muslim History

It was as early as the 7th century that Islam as a religion made its way into the life of the people of East Bengal. The Prophet’s (pbuh) maternal uncle Sa’d ibn abi Waqqas paid his third visit to China as the head of an embassy sent by the third Caliph Uthman (RA) in 651, less than....    Full story...

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