Crackdown on Hefazaat's rally: Distracted relatives in search of the missing

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20/05/2013 20:57 20/05/2013 16:14

The relatives of the people missing from the massive rally called by Hefazaat-e-Islam in the dead of the 5th May night are searching for them distractedly. Mourning is going on among the relatives from door to door. They even do not dare to speak being afraid of torment by the police and the....    Full story...

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What actually Hefazaat-e-Islam demands??

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24/04/2013 7:47
Burning Issue

Now, that is the burning question. What actually Hefazaat-e-Islam demands? Do they really want to take the country back to the middle ages? Are they demanding blasphemy law or not? Do they really reject the rights of the women? All doubts and confusions have been answered by Allama Shah Ahmad....    Full story...

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Appointment of Justice Shamsuddin Manik: A controversial decision of Acting President

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09/04/2013 21:01 09/04/2013 20:08

[ The following article is the translation of  a part of this write-up written by the journalist Mr. Mizanur Rahman Khan. ]   A judge, previously blamed by the national parliament for his serious misconduct, has got....    Full story...

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