Shohid Abdul Kader Mollah was hanged based on contradictory testimony of a single witness. His last letter to his wife details his innocence.

Written By: Mozafor
19/12/2013 19:16
BD War crime trial

The evidence on which the country’s International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) convicted Mr Mollah was flimsy. It was based on the testimony of a single witness, Momeena Begum, who was 13 at the time and was apparently hiding under a bed nearby. She gave 3 contradictory staements at 3 different....    Full story...

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Sheikh Hasina shows no respect to people of Bangladesh or to the world.

Written By: Mozafor
19/12/2013 19:15
Burning Issue

A brother in facebook has asked me to write to UN, and human rights organization highlighting the dire human rights abuses that we are currently witnessing in Bangladesh. His concern is shared by 160 million local Bangladeshi as well as many millions of Bangladeshi living all over the world. But....    Full story...

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The rise of a modern terrorist party in Bangladesh disguised in the pretence of secularism

Written By: Mozafor
15/11/2013 21:35
Burning Issue

The name ‘Awamileague’ stands for party of people, but in recent history they have completely gone off from the ideology of their founding father, from a party of people to a party of terrorist, fascist tyrannical dictator. It is said by many people that modern Awamileague party by....    Full story...

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Hussain Muhammad Ershad’s Jatyio Party’s proposed alliances, in the context of recent political development in Bangladesh.

Written By: Mozafor
15/11/2013 21:33

Recent statement made by Hussain Muhammad Ershad has some positive and some negative aspect in the context of recent political development. The positive aspect is his expressed determination not to go to any election if the main opposition BNP does not take part. But his intention though strongly....    Full story...

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2013 Bangladesh war of Independence from Indian hegemony

Written By: Mozafor
09/11/2013 16:48

The people of Bangladesh are clearly fighting another war to save our country from new hegemonic power India. Many have dubbed it as, 2013 Bangladesh war of independence from Indian hegemony and political bullying. India has openly displayed its intention to decide political and economic future....    Full story...

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Democratic India acts undemocratically to bring tyrannical Awamileague government in to power again.

Written By: Mozafor
02/11/2013 19:10
Burning Issue

Let’s face it; Awamileague is not going to listen to any logic, or any gentleman like approach to accept the opposition demand for a caretaker government. They have a powerful friend India, who has made it clear that they would want nothing less than an Awami victory and they are nakedly....    Full story...

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Begum Zia’s telephone conversation and a nifty intent by Sheikh Hasina to foil meaningful dialogue with the opposition

Written By: Mozafor
02/11/2013 19:08

There is a thing called reasonable demand, but some of our civil society blinded by partisan politics seems not to understand the difference between the reasonable, and unreasonable. Some times to show their neutrality, they blame both party’s for the stalemate on the question of election....    Full story...

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Ice-melting or political horse trading between the big three ?

Written By: Mozafor
23/10/2013 0:45

The king makers are again active in Bangladesh internal affairs, but this time all eyes and ears should remain open at their conspiracy to bring in a third force to kill democracy again. Although this very people used their influence and power to bring in the Army led Moin U Ahmed government in....    Full story...

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War crimes Tribunal is nothing more than Politics at play. We need to look at the distance past to understand the present ( Concluding Part Three)

Written By: Mozafor
07/10/2013 23:06 07/10/2013 12:07
BD War crime trial

Sheikh Hasina and her current government is a democratically elected fascist party in power. Like her father, not only she has a problem accepting other party or other opinion, but she wants to finish them altogether. For this reason, Delwar Hussain Sayeedi and many top leaders of Bangladesh....    Full story...

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War crimes Tribunal is nothing more than Politics at play. We need to look at the distance past to understand the present. (Part Two)

Written By: Mozafor
06/10/2013 17:34
BD War crime trial

In 2007, an Army backed caretaker government was formed after many national and international cospiracy’s and political drama’s that in sophistication had been unprecedented in the history of Bangladesh.To foreign countries, this part of Bangladesh had always been geo-politically very....    Full story...

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War crimes Tribunal is nothing more than Politics at play. We need to look from the distance past to understand the present. (Part One)

Written By: Mozafor
05/10/2013 20:12
BD War crime trial

Legislative endeavours by the Awami Government to try War Crimes and crimes against humanity committed by perpetrators in 1971 war of independence may have some appeal with the public but majority people believes it is nothing more than politics at play.  It was under Awamileague leadership....    Full story...

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Egypt secular courts Bans Muslim Brotherhood

Written By: Mozafor
23/09/2013 23:15

This is a black day in Egypt, for Muslim Brotherhood political history. It seems the party is stuck in a vicious circle of conspiracy and hatred by the secularist and leftist die hard, who used the secular courts to ban the party and seize its assets. General Sisis’s grab of power had not....    Full story...

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Has Bangladesh judiciary lost all credibility to be worthy of respect?

Written By: Mozafor
19/09/2013 18:06
BD War crime trial

Home Minister Mohiuddin Khan Alomgir said today that Jamat protest against court verdict is tantamount to contempt of court. He made this comment after a coast guard ceremony where American Ambassador Dan Mozina was present. He has a history of making political comment in front of American....    Full story...

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A sad chapter in the history of Bangladesh judiciary

Written By: Mozafor
17/09/2013 15:53
BD War crime trial

Barrister Razzaq said the Appellate Division had awarded death sentence against an accused for the first time while the trial court had awarded him life term imprisonment, and it is unprecedented in the history of Bangladesh. Shabagi joy seekers delayed their party till evening apparently....    Full story...

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Bangladesh Nationalist Party has no right to do politics: Awami MP Sheikh Selim makes vile threat in the parliament today

Written By: Mozafor
15/09/2013 21:41 15/09/2013 21:39
Burning Issue

This is the language of dictators; Sheikh Selim is blinded by powers bestowed upon them by the public as a trust. No man of rationale would speak such words other than dictators. Who gave him the authority to disregard the opinion of millions who voted for BNP? His language is the language of a....    Full story...

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