Rasmolai Of Comilla

Written By: Ulysses
03/04/2016 10:37 29/03/2016 12:57

Bogura , Rajshahi and Moheshkhali are famous for curd , Mango and betel leaf respectively.It has it's own value and taste but interesting thing is that people who don't even take it's taste give example of these when situation demands .As I am from Comilla you can easily guess waht my....    Full story...

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Calculate 24 hours only

Written By: Ulysses
21/02/2016 5:13 20/02/2016 12:43

The cousre of life is as curve as country road.You won't get straight path for a long, you face innumerable curves in your way and you have to accustom with it unless get ready for doom.You will get the essence of idyllic beauty in spring when a cuckoo sings, new leaves or young shoots play....    Full story...

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Need a smiling face only!

Written By: Ulysses
21/02/2016 6:45 19/02/2016 4:48

From where does respect come?Whether it from the love or fear?I think both of them and it depends on the person or community we respect.In this way respect falls into two categories:love respect and fear respect.Following two examples will clarifay it to our eyes like daylight.In my view love....    Full story...

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