Open secret!!! My first time Confession!!

Written By: kazimf
22/08/2014 4:29

Devil and dare exam!!! In spite of soon coming my first semester BBA (honors) exam on 24 august, until now I cannot realize what is exam as well as why I will taken the exam? On account of that there are no sign of student into me/mamun, still, the people think I am student, even my parents,....    Full story...

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Your opinion is wrong!

Written By: kazimf
29/07/2014 18:46

Hey girl, meanwhile you understood, today is great day for Muslim ummah. Really your opinion is wrong about me, my life, my heart, my goal all is for my creator Allah. Because he my creator, observer as well as my god. My life not for you!!! My life as well my time is very valuable, I have not....    Full story...

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Nothing is everlasting even November rains

Written By: kazimf
28/07/2014 8:10

When I went to out of my way for a little happiness as well as enjoy rain, for temporary you was floating by your rain water, then a little bit I got pain, so this Is not that I would get pain for everlasting.  Because ‘’nothing is everlasting even November rain. My crime is I....    Full story...

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Nothing is impossible to a willing mind

Written By: kazimf
21/07/2014 8:22

Nothing is impossible to a willing mind. If you have a willing mind, all is possible to you which you want to. Willing mind come from dream, our have rights to lives in dream. Dream is great habit for a progressive person. If fact. I always lives in my dream. My dram is too largest than me!....    Full story...

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How human civilization!!!!!!!!!! #savegaza

Written By: kazimf
15/07/2014 18:33

There are no explain why killed Palestinian innocent population (include children and female) without justice. Are no any kind human rights for Palestinian victim? Oh Allah! Where are you? Why you watching that’s? Ya Allah we are cannot wait for our martyrs brother and sister. Hey Allah....    Full story...

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Still now Israeli brutality running

Written By: kazimf
14/07/2014 7:14

What’s humanity their! Now we are realizing what evil Israel is. I am not against Israel or Jews, I am behalf humanity. I am so confused, where are get away our humanity?   There is limit of everything even for lie and brutality.  I am very confused about Israel, Are not there....    Full story...

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How brutality? How possible? How to believe that’s?

Written By: kazimf
11/07/2014 19:35

At least, 115 Palestinian have killed and more than 2000 injured (include children as well as pregnant women) start from the Israel launched so called operation protective edge two day ago to prevent missile and rocket attack. How brutality running? Is the whole world united single sate? But....    Full story...

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How to study in National University!

Written By: kazimf
02/07/2014 5:30

Dear Bloger, take my Salam, assalamualikum. How are you? I am a third class student, but first class student for my college. The people are called mamun is very stupid student, he is very low class student, but still now, I am not understand about me. Who am i? & where I am?   I....    Full story...

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happy to joining on KAAGOJ

Written By: kazimf
26/06/2014 7:20

ASSALAMUALAIKUM, please taking my salam. I am bangla bloger, my name is KAZI MAMUN AL FATEH, I am now trying to blog write by English. I will sometime writing to blog on bangle, & many time writing to English. I was searching for English based community blog that’s maintained by....    Full story...

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