Political Islam – Problem or Solution?

Written By: salmanalazami
22/08/2013 2:32
Contemporary Debate

Recent events in Egypt have outraged many people who believe in justice, fairness and democracy. The brutality of the current regime in Egypt that killed hundreds of people; the double standards of the western countries, particularly the United States for whom democracy and human rights only....    Full story...

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Professor Ghulam Azam: a flawed conviction and miscarriage of justice

Written By: salmanalazami
17/07/2013 13:12
BD War crime trial

[This is a reprint of the article published in 'Open Democracy' today.] Yesterday, the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) of Bangladesh convicted my father, Professor Ghulam Azam, the 90 year old ex-leader of the political party Bangladesh Jamaat-i-Islami (BJI), sentencing....    Full story...

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Ghulam Azam - A Loving Father

Written By: salmanalazami
26/06/2013 14:52
BD War crime trial

It is natural that we all have deep love towards our parents. A mother’s love and sacrifice is universal and a father’s role in the upbringing of a child is central towards one’s development. I would like to share in this post a few personal anecdotes relating to my....    Full story...

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Life as a son of Ghulam Azam

Written By: salmanalazami
15/06/2013 17:41
Social Issues

  If you are a son or a daughter of a famous personality then you are automatically put in the spotlight, whether you like it or not. Every human being wants to have an identity of their own and the unnecessary pressure of being born in a family often makes it difficult for them to create....    Full story...

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Who is Ghulam Azam and what does he stand for?

Written By: salmanalazami
14/06/2013 16:39
BD War crime trial

  There is no doubt that the name Ghulam Azam leads to divided opinions in Bangladesh, though his reputation internationally is overwhemlingly positive. In Bangladesh he is revered by some and hated by  some leaving many people confused. The majority print and electronic media in....    Full story...

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Why write a blog?

Written By: salmanalazami
14/06/2013 1:29

  In the age of facebook and twitter writing a blog seems a bit old fashioned. Yet, I have decided to write this blog as a personal diary of someone who is deeply affected by the incidents happening in Bangladesh. As the youngest son of Professor Ghulam Azam, now spending his 18th month in....    Full story...

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