Tribute to President Zia's Birthday: the events of 1975 and the emergence of Zia

Written By: Ahmedullah
19/01/2015 18:06

1975 : A Defining Year for Bangladesh Today is the birthday of president Zia of Bangladesh. He was a great man who articulated the spirit and heart of Bangladesh and brought order, stability and hope to the then dispirited people of Bangladesh during the 1970s. That is why, regardless of....    Full story...

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Written By: Ahmedullah
11/09/2014 16:55

In this short article I will very briefly explore the pejorative term ‘razakar’ and how it is being used as a term of abuse in Bangladesh and within the Bangladeshi Diaspora around the world, and the consequences. For a long time now I have been hearing some people calling other....    Full story...

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Fourth Amendment of the Constitution: a black chapter in the history of Bangladesh

Written By: NazirAhmed
26/07/2013 1:04
Law and Order

Introduction The Constitution of Bangladesh has been amended fifteen times so far.  Within those fifteen amendments, the most controversial amendment was the Fourth Amendment, for it fundamentally changed the nature and character of the Constitution.  Yet surprisingly, there has be no....    Full story...

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Existential Crisis of Bangladesh(Part 5):Consider Thy Enemy’s Latest Ploy

Written By: MuminChowdhury
15/06/2013 1:20
Burning Issue

Earlier post: (Part-4):Know Thy Enemy’s Spot and Skin The Extraordinary Event of 10-12 March 2012 In the last instalment I promised to help you read Arthashastra on the mirror. When I gave you my word, I thought I would do this step by step in a logically coherent manner. But in....    Full story...

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SHEIKH MUJIB- THE NEW MUGHAL: Wiki Leaks Revealed Mujib Rule-1:

Written By: Nazmul
13/04/2013 23:22

Recently Wiki leaks revealed some confidential documents from US Diplomatic sources on Sheikh Mujib's rule of Bangladesh after independant in 1971. This cable had sent from US embassy in Bangladesh before the assasination of Skeikh Mujib in 1975. This is the unedited version for the reader of....    Full story...

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