Fundamentals of Loans & Advances

Written By: Farhadur_Reza
05/05/2014 11:11

Banks are financial institutions which ultimate aim is profit. As a profit oriented organization a bank invests its funds in many ways to earn income as well as to serve interests to the depositors. To do this bank faces the risk of default in repayment. Though the procedures of banks lending....    Full story...

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Bankruptcy discharged my debts. Now what?

Written By: oresiacaby
01/05/2014 7:13

If you've recently filed for bankruptcy, had your debts discharged through bankruptcy, or are considering bankruptcy, there is something important to consider. What will you do now or once your debts have been discharged? When you're weighed down with debt it's easy to get so focused....    Full story...

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Borrower Selection- Primary step of Credit Investigation

Written By: Farhadur_Reza
23/04/2014 10:53 21/04/2014 8:57

Lending is one of the most important functions of commercial banks. The major portion of income of a commercial bank generates through lending. By lending banks take a huge risk of default on repayment. The risk starts from the first step of lending which is 'borrower selection'. Though a....    Full story...

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