How to use

How to Register as a Blogger?

For a blogger to publish post in Kaagoj require Registration first.  Please complete registration. Part of the registration process you have to validate Email ID. Please check your email and confirm it to write a post or comment. Please read the term & conditions of using this platform. 

How to write my first post?

After confirming the registration process, please log in to write your first post. 


You will see your profile as following 


Now click "ADD NEW POST" and you will see

Then, follow the image instruction 

How to add an image to post?

1st step:

This page will appear...

or, you can go to image page from you profile menu;

Second Steps:

3rd Steps:

You can add 3 images at a time. Don't worry if you have only one and two other shows upload failed. Just click done! 

4th Steps:

Refresh the page if you don't see the image you uploaded. Usually it will show as following

5th Steps:

Click on the image you want to use in your blog post. Remember you can use these image again and again

If you use direct code it may take longer time to appear in blog post. In this case you need to refresh few times. Better to use short link

6th Steps: Now come to main post


7th Steps:

Keep the cursor where exactly you want image to be appeared. Then Click image button on the post. 


8th Steps: 

Now insert the link you copied from the image list. Or pest the direct code. 



Direct code sometimes take little longer time to appear in the blog. Wait, draft the post and refresh few times. You better use short link if direct code doesn't show the image. Make sue you fix the width if it is larger than 545! Then CLICK ok




You image will show as following;


Please make sure to give reference to the image or mention sources where applicable. 


Another simple way to add image


Step-1: Click on any photo

Step-2: Right click on your mouse

Step-3: Open Image in new tab

Step-4: Copy the URL of Image

Step-5: Insert the URL in the image box of your post

Step-6: Adjust the width of image which is 545 Maximum






This is our banner. I open the image in our facebook page and it shows like that. Then I am going to follow the above steps.

Then come to posting this image in your kaagoj blog. Click the image icon shows follow;

Now you will see the following box 



Now you have to insert the image link in the URL Box and Click OK



The last step is adjusting the Width of Image in 545(Maximum)



If image width is less then 545, no need to adjust. 

Finally, Click "OK" in the image box to inser image in your blog post.


It's done

If you still facing problem, please contact us, we are happy to help you.


We'll keep adding more topics like this

We wish everyone Happy Blogging!