Ghost children - who is responsible, parents or schools?

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
16/04/2014 11:37
Burning Issue

Today’s newspaper headline caught my attention – the ghost children at school for ten hours a day. There are many children as young as four who are dropped at the breakfast club by their working parents at 8am and picked up after 6 or 7 in the evening. The children have their three....    Full story...

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5TH MAY 2013 SHAPLA ROUNDABOUT VIOLENCE: a Personal Reflection

Written By: Ahmedullah
13/04/2014 17:54
Burning Issue

I rarely participate in public debates or discussion regarding politics except when dominant narratives, powers and groups try to use propaganda and unsubstantiated claims to promote immoral demands and commit injustice against those who are weak and may be innocent. Then, sometimes but not....    Full story...

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The second set of demands by Hefazot

Written By: Fugstar
19/02/2014 16:21
Burning Issue

Assalamoulaykum   I hope you may help me get hold of the bangla and/or english for the second set of demands... over which HI marched that terrible day in May. I remember that it was slightly different, and included a point abotu the protection of dignity and property of different....    Full story...

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Sheikh Hasina shows no respect to people of Bangladesh or to the world.

Written By: Mozafor
19/12/2013 19:15
Burning Issue

A brother in facebook has asked me to write to UN, and human rights organization highlighting the dire human rights abuses that we are currently witnessing in Bangladesh. His concern is shared by 160 million local Bangladeshi as well as many millions of Bangladeshi living all over the world. But....    Full story...

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The curious case of Abdul Quader Molla

Written By: MohammadHossain
11/12/2013 10:17
Burning Issue

Mr. Abdul Qader Mollah is probably the most talked about Bangladeshi these days. The highest court in our country had ordered him to be executed through a questionable legal[1] process and in violation of international [2]and human rights [3]laws. Worrying yet is the....    Full story...

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The rise of a modern terrorist party in Bangladesh disguised in the pretence of secularism

Written By: Mozafor
15/11/2013 21:35
Burning Issue

The name ‘Awamileague’ stands for party of people, but in recent history they have completely gone off from the ideology of their founding father, from a party of people to a party of terrorist, fascist tyrannical dictator. It is said by many people that modern Awamileague party by....    Full story...

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Democratic India acts undemocratically to bring tyrannical Awamileague government in to power again.

Written By: Mozafor
02/11/2013 19:10
Burning Issue

Let’s face it; Awamileague is not going to listen to any logic, or any gentleman like approach to accept the opposition demand for a caretaker government. They have a powerful friend India, who has made it clear that they would want nothing less than an Awami victory and they are nakedly....    Full story...

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Bangladesh Nationalist Party has no right to do politics: Awami MP Sheikh Selim makes vile threat in the parliament today

Written By: Mozafor
15/09/2013 21:41 15/09/2013 21:39
Burning Issue

This is the language of dictators; Sheikh Selim is blinded by powers bestowed upon them by the public as a trust. No man of rationale would speak such words other than dictators. Who gave him the authority to disregard the opinion of millions who voted for BNP? His language is the language of a....    Full story...

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Who are the game changers in Egypt and in Bangladesh?

Written By: Mozafor
17/08/2013 12:22 16/08/2013 23:56
Burning Issue

When I look at what happened in Egypt, I see a correlation in what happened on 5th of May in Bangladesh, and the tactics used in Cairo against Muslim Brotherhood. Prior to 1/11, the chaos, and mayhem that took place on the street of Dhaka, appears to have been well planned before hand, in....    Full story...

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Dhaka Tribune talks to Ahmad Shafi: Exclusive

Written By: HumaYusuf
14/08/2013 17:28
Burning Issue

Journalists in Chittagong alerted us to the lurking danger of meeting Shah Ahmed Shafi. Undaunted by the warning, we pressed ahead as we planned to take an interview of the Hefazat-e-Islam ameer who lived in the Al-Jamiatul Ahliah Darul Uloom Moinul Islam Madrasa in Hathazari. They....    Full story...

26325 views 2 comments

Hartals and Jamaat Part 2: Similarities between Mohammad’s (pbuh) raids and BJI’s hartal

Written By: OooKhalid
15/08/2013 18:44 05/08/2013 2:31
Burning Issue

The struggle between good and evil, god consciousnesses and satanic worshipping is a struggle for all times since the creation of Adam. It is a struggle where the outcome has been declared victorious for the Muslims, for true believers will either taste success or martyrdom. As Allah....    Full story...

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Hartals and Jamaat Part 1: Caravan Raids

Written By: OooKhalid
15/08/2013 18:13 05/08/2013 2:30
Burning Issue

Introduction Bangladesh is a third-world country situated on the Ganges Plain in South Asia, flanked by India and the Bay of Bengal to the south. Approximately 90% of the population is Muslim, however secularism is a strongly held belief and Islam in the public sphere (e.g. politics,....    Full story...

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The way forward for the 18 party alliances

Written By: Mozafor
28/07/2013 17:55
Burning Issue

Political analysis and counter analysis, what ever rocket science is done, one thing for sure, the opposition has to stick together to get rid of this government. Whether through ballot or by agitation, unity of purpose must be one, and that this government must go. Bangladesh Jamati Islam focus....    Full story...

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What's next with Jamaat e Islami Bangladesh?

Written By: Fugstar
24/07/2013 0:30
Burning Issue

22.7.13   It is a challenging time for political Islam generally these days, with the coup in Egypt, #Occupygezi in Turkey and the continuing annihilation policy against Jamaat e Islamic in Bangladesh. Internal shortcomings and external forcings have contributed....    Full story...

27594 views 6 comments

There can be no comparison between local and parliamentary election as regards to its importance and significance in running the country

Written By: Mozafor
06/07/2013 16:44
Burning Issue

What ever the result in Gaji Pur, 18 party alliances can always point out the illogicality and fallacy of Awamileague argument that parliamentary election under their administration will be free and fair without government influence. For start, there can be no comparison between local and....    Full story...

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