Drunken boy Joy: Future Chief of Awami League!

Written By: Nazmul
05/08/2013 12:27 05/08/2013 12:10

Sajib Wazed Joy, son of Awami League President Sheikh Hasina have returned to Bangladesh few days ago and became headline almost everyday of his short visit by the grace of Pro-Awami League secularist propaganda media machinaries. People of Bangladesh thought he would be different, at least not....    Full story...

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Shahbag rises again, with a fake facebook post

Written By: MohammadHossain
03/08/2013 7:38 03/08/2013 6:51

A random post was seen popping on various facebook pages such as that of ডাক্তার আইজূ, who fancies itself on being a great Shahbagi personality and মুক্তিযুদ্ধ’১৯৭১, another big pro-Shahbag page. I have found it to....    Full story...

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“First a look, then a smile, then a node, then the warmth of the bed.”

Written By: Mozafor
13/07/2013 17:50

Why there is so much fuss about Mufti Shafis lecture on Hijab? I have seen the whole video and found nothing controversial or degrading about women; rather it’s a complement for women that they are precious and a blessing given by Allah to protect them, and to live with them in comfort....    Full story...

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Amardesh Online exposes fake rescue Drama of Reshma in Rana Plaza collapse. (সখী তুমি কার?)

Written By: Mozafor
23/06/2013 13:13

Sheikh Hasina offered Reshma American dream in return for her silence. Daily Manab Zamin Editor In Chief says, “ we cant report the truth nor reality, we are told not to report anything about Reshma, she is now escorted to her house in tight security on Pajero Jeep, why is the need for this....    Full story...

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Who is this DELWAR HOSSAIN SAYEEDI (so-called Islamic scholar)

Written By: Sabir
20/06/2013 8:11

part 2: part 3:    Full story...

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India's monopoly politics on Tin Bigha Corridor

Written By: NazirAhmed
14/06/2013 0:35

If the government really served the national interest and genuinely protected the country’s territorial integrity, they would not have acted unilaterally for the sole benefit and interest of India. They could argue with India that as the Agreement, according to Article 5, ‘shall take....    Full story...

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How the Daily Star viewed the remand of Babunagari: The missing parts

Written By: MohammadHossain
01/06/2013 6:31

The Daily Star never fails to surprise me with its diabolical brand of journalism that so nakedly emanates hatred; hatred of anything not relating to their version of events, especially in the field of religion. Past articles have unashamedly labeled members of political parties calling for....    Full story...

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AlJazeera Listening Post: Are they really Listening?

Written By: FatimaZahra
20/05/2013 21:39

I used to have a lot of respect for Al-Jazeera. Al-Jazeera in Arabic translates as 'The Island', that is proudly independent from the uniform voices of the distorted partisan mainland media. And initially for a few years Al-Jazeera was a lone brave voice. Now the Island has joined the....    Full story...

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Insult Prophet Mohammed and Mockery to Islam in Bangladesh-1

Written By: Nazmul
24/03/2013 0:05

Many of us might already hear the situation in Bangladesh.  A group of psycho called them “Bloggers” attacked Allah, Prophet (pbuh) and Islam so nakedly that one sound brain can’t even imagine. People didn’t know about those psychos because very few percentage of....    Full story...

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Let at least this One Institution Remain Neutral

Written By: Bengalist
15/03/2013 12:57 15/03/2013 12:07

Transparency International Bangladesh, known as TIB, has been playing a part since 1996 to eradicate corruption. Its main aim is to build a social campaign against corruption. At least this is what was recorded in its charter when it applied to the government for registration. However, the....    Full story...

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