Road to democracy

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
29/07/2013 22:29
Thoughts and Ideology

I am feeling sad to read that some people are proposing a wholesale secularisation of Islamic Thoughts in the name of democracy. While I embrace pluralism and democracy as the best way forward for the Muslim world I believe secularism is a step backward for the Muslim world. I would recommended....    Full story...

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A single bullet is enough to shut a mouth up; but we are fighting over “Philosophy” for which we need “Logic”- not the weapons

Written By: Sabir
16/10/2013 20:13 28/07/2013 2:48
Thoughts and Ideology

"MOTHER IS BEGGING (ON THE STREET) TO SAVE HER CHILD"   Questions: Who is she begging to?! And, who is helping her?!   Answer by the believers: “She is begging to Allah/God and He is helping her through the PEOPLE!” Answer by the nonbelievers:....    Full story...

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"Discriminative Mother"

Written By: Sabir
16/10/2013 20:19 12/07/2013 1:12
Thoughts and Ideology

On the one hand, the fortunate child is well-dressed,;) and, on the other hand, the unfortunate child is not, which proves (without a shadow of a doubt) that the “MOTHER” IS NOT TREATING HER CHILDREN JUSTLY! Here, “MOTHER” is our unjust societies! Unfortunately,....    Full story...

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Too much of a price to pay for poetry

Written By: HarunurRashid
11/07/2013 17:50 11/07/2013 17:48
Thoughts and Ideology

Ahmed Ilias, who is considered the doyen of Urdu poetry in Bangladesh, was given a rousing reception on his 80th birth anniversary celebrations at a city community centre. The event was synchronized with the publication of his research on Urdu in Bangladesh – a meticulous work that digs....    Full story...

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Muslim cannot believe in secularism: Secularist are confused in Egypt & Arab World

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
06/07/2013 0:51
Thoughts and Ideology

Today after Jum'a a man came up to me and complained, 'imam, why did you talk about politics from the pulpit of the mosque, you should focus on religion only'. I was talking about Egypt, the grave consequences that lie ahead for Egypt post the military coup. The questioner was....    Full story...

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Written By: Mozafor
27/06/2013 18:26
Thoughts and Ideology

In year 2013 where this began Shapla Chottor was like Lebanon They shot them and spared no one Because they were Hifazot men   Tell me why they did this to them This question been haunting me since then I don’t understand what they have done wrong I want an answer....    Full story...

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Written By: Jummy
20/06/2013 12:04
Thoughts and Ideology

Wanted to get melodies from that silence But never knew how could I find it, Expectations knew no bounds , so  i plunk Mind is  unable to mind it .   Simply may have some grudges, To own life and too own earth, Where is the foible? Can never be  the....    Full story...

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A simple realization....

Written By: Nirvana
15/06/2013 16:02
Thoughts and Ideology

  I am writing about a simple realization of mine, which happened just few days ago. Regarding the current situation of Bangladesh, including some practical and constructive issues, I did spend some plentiful of time in the internet. To have some relaxation, I preferred to listen to a....    Full story...

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Meet a Muslim :)

Written By: Nazmul
29/05/2013 17:02 29/05/2013 17:01
Thoughts and Ideology

In a poll it is found that 62% American people never met a Muslim personally. Its really amazing. While non Muslims do not interact Muslims personally and do not experience Muslim's attitude and behavior, they find Muslims in media as terrorists. Who gonna take the responsibility ? Muslims,....    Full story...

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Nation States must establish the rule of law as it is an internationally recognised concept

Written By: NazirAhmed
20/05/2013 14:49
Thoughts and Ideology

  Barrister Nazir Ahmed The notion of the rule of law generally means first that government and political power should be limited by rules published and known in advance and applied equally impartially to all and secondly, that the law once made should be obeyed even by those who....    Full story...

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The needs of British Muslims for being active in British politics

Written By: NazirAhmed
19/05/2013 23:00
Thoughts and Ideology

Written by Barrister Nazir Ahmed Introduction I aim to divide the article into four small parts.  Firstly, I will briefly discuss about the nature of British politics and democratic norms.  Secondly, I will shortly elaborate the historical [gradual] participation of the Muslim....    Full story...

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Written By: Deen
21/01/2014 1:55 12/05/2013 3:05
Thoughts and Ideology

For the last few months (today 12.05.2013) it seems life has become undesirably pragmatic. For a man who is in his mid thirties it's rathar unusual. He feels like it's been ages since he watched a movie, visited his friends, talked to his near ones intimately. In his early twenties,....    Full story...

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What is wrong with our democracy?

Written By: Yusuf
06/04/2013 15:52
Thoughts and Ideology

              There used to be a time when our great forefathers proudly hymned fantastic stories of the honest, powerful leaders of their time. Sir Winston Churchill, JFK, Lincoln, Gandhi and the list goes on eternally. What makes them so memorable, I....    Full story...

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Bangladesh: Of political witch hunts and chasing ghosts of 71

Written By: MohammadHossain
24/03/2013 19:01
Thoughts and Ideology

The developing culture of a political witch hunt in Bangladesh has reached new heights. The victims of this witch hunt are people of flesh and blood who have made their own personal choices. The choice to not follow the path of secularism, materialism and blind political bickering. The choice to....    Full story...

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Zillur Rahman passes away: Morale of a life story

Written By: MohammadHossain
21/03/2013 8:07
Thoughts and Ideology

History will remember the 20th of March 2013. It will remember so for the fact that on this day, Mohammed Zillur Rahman, the President of Bangladesh passed away. He breathed his last at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, where he was undergoing treatment for critical lung infection since March....    Full story...

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