Social Media Marketing - Making customers devoted

Written By: Fariha
13/07/2014 9:57 13/07/2014 9:05

If you want to collect information about different things, places, products, companies, etc at the same time? Is it getting harder for you to go through the whole research process? Well, it is not that hard to gather information in a row when you have social media working for you. Presently, many....    Full story...

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How brutality? How possible? How to believe that’s?

Written By: kazimf
11/07/2014 19:35

At least, 115 Palestinian have killed and more than 2000 injured (include children as well as pregnant women) start from the Israel launched so called operation protective edge two day ago to prevent missile and rocket attack. How brutality running? Is the whole world united single sate? But....    Full story...

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How to study in National University!

Written By: kazimf
02/07/2014 5:30

Dear Bloger, take my Salam, assalamualikum. How are you? I am a third class student, but first class student for my college. The people are called mamun is very stupid student, he is very low class student, but still now, I am not understand about me. Who am i? & where I am?   I....    Full story...

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happy to joining on KAAGOJ

Written By: kazimf
26/06/2014 7:20

ASSALAMUALAIKUM, please taking my salam. I am bangla bloger, my name is KAZI MAMUN AL FATEH, I am now trying to blog write by English. I will sometime writing to blog on bangle, & many time writing to English. I was searching for English based community blog that’s maintained by....    Full story...

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Water Complication

Written By: Nazimp
18/06/2014 18:11

Water is synonymous to Life', we all know this saying. But in our day to day city life water is the main stuff that suffer us most. The inadequate supply of water by WASA in the summer saw an enormous suffering of public. Water have different uses, but supply water is not hygenic. The water....    Full story...

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Hello! I am a new on

Written By: Nazimp
15/06/2014 15:52

Dear brothers & sisters, Assalamuailikum. By the grace of allah i am pretty & hope you all also doing good.  i was searching for a English blog for few days that specially run by Bangladesh community. Finally i have found it. i am very pleased to be a member of this blog. Though....    Full story...

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#Notes #Micro-blogging

Written By: Troublemaker
10/06/2014 13:00 10/06/2014 12:36

1. Eyes don't lie, so please shut your eyes when you do it! 2. Give your faith on me, I'll reach beyond of your best expectation! 3. Shine with knowledge but not with shoe shiner! 4. If you think you can score a goal in your life, you have to be aggressive! 5. Timing is important....    Full story...

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Helloo! I am Anamul Mamun, new bloger of

Written By: anamul-mamun
13/05/2014 17:02

Hey muslim brother and sister, Please take my salam Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah. I start, in the name of allah. Who created us. I am bangle bloger- anamul mamun. I am creative writing expert on bangla blog site and newspaper. But I was not writing on English blog. Actually I am not in the....    Full story...

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Shisha- merely a delicacy or addiction?

Written By: bappa_bappa
08/05/2014 11:01

  Since Zamindari era water pipe smoking has been considered as royalty. This smoking is popularly known as “Hookah” in rural areas of Bangladesh. This special kind of smoking was enjoyed mainly by the elite class during that period. It is said that water pipe smoking was....    Full story...

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Prison Diaries: Chapter 1 (How I was Arrested)

Written By: MohammadHossain
19/03/2014 13:25 19/03/2014 2:01

I barely go into reminiscence, but when I do, time has that strange tendency to fly away unnoticed. I have been asked ad nauseam as to my experience in prison. Whether through bleary eyes pleading through tear soaked tones, hush reprimands or indignant snorts; many have tried to remind me of the....    Full story...

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Bangladesh Social Club, Dubai - UAE

Written By: Tanbeer
25/02/2014 10:48 25/02/2014 10:42

  Bangladesh Social Club, Dubai, UAE is a proposed non-profit , non-political social organization committed to work for Bangladesh community in Dubai. Our prime objective is to cherish, promote and share the ideals and rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh. We will strive to engage in....    Full story...

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10 Best Plugins for WordPress

Written By: farhanrashid
30/01/2014 1:21

WordPress is the most popular, flexible, and easy to set up Web Publishing Platform since the year it has been released. It has been downloaded over 60 million since it's 2003 launch. Later in November 26, 2013 Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little's “Voodoo” really worked and it....    Full story...

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Happy to join

Written By: Siblee
10/01/2014 17:21

I am very glad to join I do not have the habbit of writting. It came into my mind, all on a sudden, what about writting in a blog to make the habbit. Then I was thinking for a Bangladeshi blog with Bangladeshi members, but in english medium. Thanks to google while it helps me to find....    Full story...

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Finally got the right place !

Written By: Alan
05/01/2014 16:21 05/01/2014 16:08

I have been looking for an english blog for more than 1 hours in Google.All on a sudden,I got a site name named ! Then entered there and was very happy to see that blog,but It didn't take too many times to be sad as I had then noticed most of the posts were based on....    Full story...

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How to be a blogger?

Written By: Mutul
31/12/2013 0:46 30/12/2013 23:18

Blog is personal diary which can be used for writing about yourself or about your passionate subject, now-days it is also used as a marketing tool on Internet..thats all i know about blogging. I need some more details on blogging, how its work out? how it can help me to get a small revenue?.....    Full story...

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