Gonojagoron Monch has become a symbol for Atheism and Anti Islamic hatred; anything associated with this name should be banned

Written By: Mozafor
02/07/2013 20:58
Burning Issue

They call Hifazot and Jamat terrorist, backdated forces that are impediment to progress. These were the rhetoric of Gonjagoron Monch in reaction to the death of one of their Shabag activists. Shabagis should reflect on their concept of progress. Their notion of progress is everything worldly....    Full story...

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Any compromise with the ruling Awami government would be a betrayal of our martyrs

Written By: Mozafor
29/06/2013 16:55 29/06/2013 16:48
Burning Issue

After the brutal killings of 28th February and the killing of Hifajote men on the night of 5th of May, Islamic movement activists will not accept anything unjust; any kind of compromise with Awamileague is not acceptable. We are hearing there have been approaches by the ruling Awamileague with....    Full story...

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Existential Crisis of Bangladesh-Last part:Lessons From Arthashastra And Thy Tasks

Written By: MuminChowdhury
23/06/2013 19:04
Burning Issue

Earlier post: Existential Crisis of Bangladesh-Part 6 In this last instalment of my current essay series I shall set out the lessons that we, the Bangladeshi patriots, can draw from our reading of Kautilya’s Arthashastra that I have presented in Part 6. This I shall do in the time....    Full story...

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Do we really understand foreign scheme? Who were behind 1/11 and the present Syrian conflict?

Written By: Mozafor
18/06/2013 23:49 18/06/2013 23:12
Burning Issue

Since the start of the Syrian conflict, I have seen and read many opinions condemning Basher Al Asad regime for the brutal killings of the opposition, suppression of democracy and dictatorship. As usual, majority of the Arab country have had or have been under continuous autocratic rule since the....    Full story...

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Read Thy Arthashastra On The Mirror:Existential Crisis of Bangladesh(Part 6)

Written By: MuminChowdhury
18/06/2013 21:24
Burning Issue

Earlier part: (Part 5):Consider Thy Enemy’s Latest Ploy Image: Influence of Maurya Dynasty After Part 5’s de-tour, in this instalment I shall return back to the main concern of my essay and, as promised, help identify what we as a nation must do for defeating New....    Full story...

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It is now up to the Awami regimes to fundamentally change their policy towards the 18 party alliances after the historic victory

Written By: Mozafor
16/06/2013 20:49 16/06/2013 20:47
Burning Issue

The people defeated the 14 party alliance candidate and gave a fitting answer to the government’s bullying tactics. The main point is that those Awami pundits who insinuated that the people would reject BNP and Jamat in the election have been proven spectacularly wrong. The Awami....    Full story...

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Existential Crisis of Bangladesh(Part 5):Consider Thy Enemy’s Latest Ploy

Written By: MuminChowdhury
15/06/2013 1:20
Burning Issue

Earlier post: (Part-4):Know Thy Enemy’s Spot and Skin The Extraordinary Event of 10-12 March 2012 In the last instalment I promised to help you read Arthashastra on the mirror. When I gave you my word, I thought I would do this step by step in a logically coherent manner. But in....    Full story...

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Why did this government delete the caretaker system?

Written By: Mozafor
14/06/2013 15:57
Burning Issue

The caretaker system was adopted under the 13th amendment of the constitution in 1996 to provide a free, fair and neutral election. In a country like Bangladesh where political government organise the administration and the law enforcement agencies during their tenure in such away that these....    Full story...

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Awamileague opened a Pandora’s Box with Shabag project. Indian intelligence agency are worried

Written By: Mozafor
10/06/2013 15:14
Burning Issue

It has been reported in a recent report that Indian intelligence agency (RAW) having made their analysis, are worried for BD awamileague prospect for winning the next election. Their observation is that Shabag bloggers have made negative impact on the popularity and support of Awamileague with....    Full story...

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Sylhet Mayor Election: Air of neglect, putting the sun back to Sylhet

Written By: Mozafor
07/06/2013 21:05
Burning Issue

Two times mayor Qamrans’s luck is about to change. With the cloak ticking, a new revelation of sordid details has dampened the smile off Qamrans’s face. A woman has claimed to be his second wife has been reported by a National Daily ‘Amadershomy’. The woman claims that....    Full story...

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Syrian conflict – Iran and Hezbollah entre the fray

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
22/05/2013 17:23
Burning Issue

In any war there are the good guys and there are bad guys. In this Syrian civil war, the good guys are the Syrian people and the bad guys are Bashar Al Asad and his thugs. The evil of this regime cannot be described in words; it started from Hafiz Al Assad, the father of the current president. He....    Full story...

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Removal of internet ban in Bangladesh: A hollow victory?

Written By: MohammadHossain
19/05/2013 16:25
Burning Issue

It was a victory for the internet activism. The Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC), on Sunday, informed all International Internet Gateways (IIGs) of its decision to remove any ban on the upload speed. Previously, it had issued directives on the 16th of May to cut the....    Full story...

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The BD government shutting the voices smartly!

Written By: Sham
19/05/2013 0:45 18/05/2013 5:25
Burning Issue

Provided the situation we are facing right now in Bangladesh, we think the recent circulation of the statement by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) regarding reducing down the uploading speed to 25% for the mass internet users is another big step to stop spreading the....    Full story...

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The Dark Night: A Genocide kept Hidden in Dark #Motijhil (A complete Documentary)

Written By: Sham
18/05/2013 5:28 18/05/2013 5:19
Burning Issue

This is a video which contains clear evidences about what happened in Dhaka (Motijhil), Bangladesh during a protest organized by an organization named Hefazat-e-Islam in 6th may 2013. PLEASE SHARE!!    Full story...

24048 views 4 comments

Disgusting myth of the Hefazat burning the Quran: The Lies

Written By: MohammadHossain
17/05/2013 16:43 11/05/2013 8:37
Burning Issue

A recent item in the news was the burning of the Quran at the South gate of Baitul Mokarram at Dhaka in Bangladesh. This was covered widely by various media outlets. In addition to the various television media such as Shomoy TV, Ekattor TV, BTV, GTV, ETV and others who broadcast heart....    Full story...

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