Another extrajudicial killing in Bangladesh !

Written By: Nazmul
12/05/2013 17:00 12/05/2013 16:57
Human rights

Shahadat Hossain(25), a opposition party activist in Rajshahi. Shahadat went to Dhaka on 4 May 2013 to court for his regular presence in a case. His relatives said after 4 May they could not find him and eventually he was missing. After 4 May , 12 May at dawn Shahadat's dead body was found....    Full story...

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6 May Dhaka Massacre: Eye witness with exclusive footage

Written By: Nazmul
11/05/2013 3:06 11/05/2013 3:05
Human rights

This is the scenario Innocent civilian never expect, neither Bangladesh can realise that in an Independent country atrocity like this can happend. Bangladesh is trying in a trial for the Genocide that took place 42 years before. How long it will take to try the Genocide that just took place few....    Full story...

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Law-enforcing agencies took away bodies by trucks and covered vans :Odhikar Press statement

Written By: Nazmul
07/05/2013 23:52 07/05/2013 23:49
Human rights

Odhikar (means rights in English) a renowned Human Rights organisation based in Dhaka Bangladesh given a press statement on recent Genocide that took place on May 6. Here is follow the uncut version of their press statement. Odhikar condemns the indiscriminate killing of hundreds of unarmed....    Full story...

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Is Hefazat nor Democracy left the Shapla squire?

Written By: mahfuj
07/05/2013 8:49
Human rights

5 May night will be count as the black part of our history. Not only hefazat left the Shapla squire but also Democracy left the Bangladesh. 1975 comeback. Workers of Hefazat e Islam not only member of a Islamist group, they also people of our land, who believe in Bangali nationalism, Democracy,....    Full story...

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On the 6th May Carnage of Hefazat-e-Islam's Rally by State Security by Salman Al-Azami

Written By: Nazmul
07/05/2013 0:28
Human rights

I am just astounded by what happened last night and how the government implemented a master plan supported by the appallingly unethical media in Bangladesh. I do not condone any act of vandalism and if any member of Hefazot committed such crime they should be brought to justice. However, the....    Full story...

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Written By: shakil
06/05/2013 18:12
Human rights

  There is a big confusion. In Dhaka mass killing by police force and BGB what number it is? Viewer of this occurrence said thousands of people died in this action. One man, his name is mamun and he live motijhil with his parents, said after 2:00am in this night militia force begin their....    Full story...

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May 5 massacre of demonstrators-Asian HRC: BBC Bangla's controversial position

Written By: Nazmul
06/05/2013 13:26
Human rights

News reports from Bangladesh allege that a series of attacks on demonstrators have taken place, at around 3am today, May 6, 2013. The extent of the injuries and death is difficult to be ascertained at the moment. The Daily Star, a Bangladeshi newspaper, gave the figure of deaths....    Full story...

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Brutality of MAY 5: History will remember

Written By: Nazmul
05/05/2013 20:37 05/05/2013 20:34
Human rights

It's been just few days Bangladesh has lost more than 600 lives (up until now, will add more) by the devastating building collapsed ever happened in the history of the world. Our heart still not recovered from that ache, while nation mourning caused by Savar tragedy, today unfortunate....    Full story...

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More than 2500 killed by police, more than 10,000 injured and 5000 missing

Written By: Nazmul
08/05/2013 0:25 05/05/2013 17:36
Human rights

Bangladesh govt was in action to remove Hefajot activists from Dhaka. Indiscriminately killing people. Awamileague and Chatraleague ( Ruling Govt activists ) thugs were also attacking and killing Hefajot activists. One man is slaughtered by Awami thugs in Awami office. Govt has cut all TV....    Full story...

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Rohingya genocide needs international heed to stop: James Jennings

Written By: Rohingya
01/05/2013 18:12
Human rights Press TV has conducted an interview with James Jennings, the president of the Conscience International from Atlanta to shed more light on the issue of Muslims in Myanmar. What follows is a rough....    Full story...

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Child Rape: symptom of social disease

Written By: Nazmul
30/04/2013 23:50 30/04/2013 23:32
Human rights

Five years old Salma. She is just like a little butterfly and star of her parents eyes. This little angel found raped and dead in Mirpur on June  2010. Even long before that we know about a little girl in Bogra were killed by some demons. I know we have already forgot the name. The....    Full story...

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Savar Tragedy: Workers were beaten with stick and forced to enter into work

Written By: Nazmul
27/04/2013 1:30 27/04/2013 1:24
Human rights

Image: Daily star There were cracks in Rana Plaza, the multi-storied building that collapsed in Savar. According to Shirin, one of the badly injured victims, their factory announced it would close on Tuesday morning after cracks were noticed in the building. The workers had voiced their....    Full story...

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Pregnant Women at Rana Plaza: Maternity leave, anyone?

Written By: MohammadHossain
26/04/2013 18:56
Human rights

News reports for the past three days have been abound with reports on the 8 storey building collapse at Savar, the terrible loss of innocent lives and the ongoing rescue operation to rescue the survivors of this horrible tragedy. A news report which magnetically captured my attention was the....    Full story...

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Bangladesh Police: State sponsored Criminal

Written By: Nazmul
12/04/2013 0:22 12/04/2013 0:09
Human rights

Police is supposed to be saviour of citizens, they are there to give service to the people. But in Bangladesh Police is the most corrupted institution. Recently they became symbol of the oppressive regime. The crime they already committed, all other groups  altogether did not commit, that....    Full story...

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Dr Farid Uddin Ahmed: Facing the Tune of Theatrical Autocracy

Written By: MohammadHossain
31/03/2013 20:35
Human rights

Listen my friends to the story of a human being. A human being facing injustice at the hands of justice. Dr. Farid Uddin Ahmed is an ophthalmologist by profession and a distinguished philanthropist. Resident of Kaderabad Housing Society at Mohammadpur, Dr. Farid was, incidentally, also....    Full story...

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