Todays Grand Rally by Islamists in Dhaka [Photo Blog]

Written By: Bengalist
29/03/2013 18:45 29/03/2013 17:57

   Full story...

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Who are this "Shahid Rumi Squad"?

Written By: Bengalist
29/03/2013 18:53 27/03/2013 17:19

Shahid Rumi Squad is a radical paramilitary group (although never taken arms so far) inspired by the death of Jahanara Imam’s Son (Rumi) in 1971, the group is one of the key organizers of Shahbag sit in protests. Yesterday (26th March), defying the activities declared by the Gonojagoron....    Full story...

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Constitutionality, legality, viability and practicality of banning Jammat

Written By: Bengalist
23/03/2013 13:45

Barrister Nazir Ahmed Introduction Some extreme left oriented political parties and their affiliated professional and cultural organisations have long been demanding for banning the Bangladesh Jammat-e Islami (BJI).  This is not their new demand.  However, they have recently....    Full story...

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Wind of Change OR Change of Wind?

Written By: musa_bin_nusayer
20/03/2013 19:12 20/03/2013 18:53

Being a Bangladeshi in nationality, it is always a challenging position to think about the world. Some people who are politically unaware yet strong political inclination in heart, people who doesn't have critical mind yet they have strong opinion -- both have made them the way they....    Full story...

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Acting BNP Secretary general arrested

Written By: Nazmul
11/03/2013 14:05

Image: Prothom Alo Bangladesh Police arrested High Profile opposition Leader. Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) acting secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam has been arrested from Naya Palton Office. This is third time government arrest him. He is a charismatic leader who inspired many....    Full story...

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