Upzilla Election-2014 in the eye of an observer-1

Written By: mahfuj
09/04/2014 17:38

Government has completed Upzilla Election-2014 with success in spite of rising criticism on last three phases. This election has divided in five phases. I was observer of last phase, most crucial and impefect corrupted phase. It was 31 march 2014 I started my observation from 10 am in 2 no. north....    Full story...

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Jamaat-e-Islami’s outstanding result in Bangladesh local election; stern reply against government’s propaganda

Written By: SayforTruth
04/03/2014 10:36
Bangladesh      Full story...

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Food in Dhaka: Looking for Options

Written By: farhanrashid
26/01/2014 0:11

I think the year was 2009. Two of my best friends and I planned to eat out. There were not many options to choose from back then; we had Pizza Hut, KFC and a few more restaurants. I loved food, and I always looked for variety. I had never been abroad at that point in time and so I became sick of....    Full story...

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Mujib v Gandhi and Jinnah – a short reflective analysis

Written By: NazirAhmed
13/01/2014 20:35

Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (hereinafter ‘Gandhi’) is, no doubt, an undisputed leader of India. Whoever comes to power in India, Gandhi is given due and utmost respect. His photo and portrait is put in the same place, no matter which party comes into power. Similarly,....    Full story...

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Written By: Sabir
22/04/2014 0:33 07/01/2014 5:52

The story of Pharaoh and Moses (PBUH) is well known to the people of the book and to the historians. Pharaoh was one of the most powerful rulers of the most advanced civilisation, indeed, because, still today, scientists and engineers do not know exactly how they built pyramid! Without any doubt,....    Full story...

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Pity the democracy in Bangladesh

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
06/01/2014 22:25

Yesterday the 10th parliamentary election took place in Bangladesh, under the current Awami League government and its extremely stubborn and vicious Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, I prefer to call her the lady Hitler. Under her watch Bangladesh has seen the highest amount of human rights abuse and....    Full story...

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Time is going to be tough for Bangladesh.

Written By: AbdulHalim
06/01/2014 19:36 06/01/2014 19:35

            Situation in Bangladesh is very bad. The country which is full of natural resources has been exploited by her own countrymen for more than 40 years. Who supposed to work for the prosperity of the country they are just playing with the fate of their....    Full story...

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Jan-5 ‘Sham Election’ in Bangladesh: The day the ‘Democracy’ died

Written By: VorerPakhi
05/01/2014 17:56
Bangladesh    Full story...

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Past and new Enemy of Bangladesh !

Written By: Nazmul
31/12/2013 12:03 31/12/2013 11:53

I was in level 4 in primary school at that time. We used to play in our local play ground with my 2 other class mates and some Boro vaias ( local elder brothers). It was not only about playing, but more than that. Boro vaias used to tell interesting stories and they used to share much information....    Full story...

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Bangladesh on the edge: Barring the “march” or burying “democracy”?(!)

Written By: VorerPakhi
29/12/2013 17:01
Bangladesh    Full story...

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Bangladeshi government poses visible obstruction to foil opposition’s March for Democracy

Written By: SayforTruth
28/12/2013 10:38

The beauty of democracy is the existence and prevailing of the dissidents. When a regime becomes more aggressive and violent to subdue the opponents, the democratic state starts to act then as an autocratic rule. Bangladesh is a democratic country which is renowned worldwide for its democratic....    Full story...

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We hostage :(

Written By: AbuSufian
06/12/2013 16:00

We live in an independent country without having to actually be subservient to the two groups. We have 18 million people hostage to those who like to use them.    Full story...

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Dhaka city: the past and the present.

Written By: Julie_Huang
06/12/2013 15:17 06/12/2013 15:16

Just last week, Barrister Nazir Ahmed has posted an awesome article about the huge potential of Bangladesh, you can see the article here.  He is writing about the strategic position that Bangladesh has and how the old city that has attracted many investor in the past. I become wondering....    Full story...

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Bangladesh: a land of huge potentials

Written By: NazirAhmed
28/11/2013 0:26

Although Bangladesh emerged as an independent country only in 1971, its history goes back thousands of years and it has long been known as a crossroads of history and culture.  It has a unique natural scenery and beauty.  Bangladesh has the world's longest sea....    Full story...

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Written By: NazirAhmed
25/11/2013 21:16

Hussain Muhammed Ershad is the most unpredictable character and personality in the politics of Bangladesh. He changes his position not day by day but more than once even in a day! Some of his harsh critics often say that he is a political prostitute in Bangladesh. An eminent analyst Mr....    Full story...

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