Why Everybody Is Completely Wrong About S.D.Burman

Written By: vijayceo
03/08/2016 21:49
Arts and Literature

The Importance of S.D.Burman S.D.Burman had a distinctive voice that could never go unnoticed. She was his final voice. The full-throated poignancy of that particular voice never did not strike an answering chord. Sweetness was its principal theme and simplicity, the extra attraction. I'd....    Full story...

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Story of languages on Bangla language day

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
22/02/2016 14:27
Arts and Literature

Bangladeshis in many parts of the world would be celebrating their Bangla language day today. It is the 21st of February in the Gregorian calendar that marks the Bangla language day, ironically it's not the Bangla language calendar that marks this day ever. Today is 8th of Falgun 1422 Bangla....    Full story...

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What is love?

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
21/02/2016 11:14
Arts and Literature

Today many people would have been desperately searching for love, some would be successful and some would be heartbroken. We all want to be loved by someone special and we wish to love someone special too. In this forever longing for love so many people find themselves lost. It appears like a....    Full story...

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Written By: Shahjahan
15/02/2015 15:30
Arts and Literature

  THE CRUEL ALLEY OF LOVE! Professor Akter Chowdhury Translated from the Bengali original by Mohammed Shahjahan   It was on a certain evening of 1986 that I was sitting in the office of the Weekly Swadeshbani beside the Taraboniarchara mosque in the town of....    Full story...

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hi am fakrul from Chittagong. i am new writer

Written By: fakrulctg
30/08/2014 19:14
Arts and Literature

I am really very happy, I am a man, I'm glad you all more than a healthy man. People how long time live so let us some good work. I try to do good things every day. All the time  be afraid of the work Now each of us died. I know  it's bad think. all people will be die....    Full story...

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A group of teenage girls at a marriage ceremony

Written By: mehedi-hassan
29/08/2014 19:11
Arts and Literature

Mehedi Hassan   One day, almost five years ago, I joined at a marriage ceremony of my college friend as a groom passenger. Some way on the bus and some way by foot along the narrow earthen road through field, at last we reached the bride’s house. No one confirmed us, but by....    Full story...

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The sound of Suppressed Laughter

Written By: mehedi-hassan
20/08/2014 22:43
Arts and Literature

Mehedi Hassan   Beside of the over- populated village a narrow stream was flowing on, and there was also an asphalt road by the brink of the stream. In a winter morning, a teenage boy was pulling a bakery-van through thick mist along the road by gently paddling.     The....    Full story...

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Your choice, any color or size, self watering planters made from recycled wine bottles

Written By: oyos
09/08/2014 5:00 09/08/2014 4:57
Arts and Literature

<a href=''><img alt='' src='' /></a>   Self watering planters, not only do the watering for you, but are earth friendly also! Experience fully customizable self watering planters. You can choose....    Full story...

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21st February – Bangla Language Day

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
21/02/2014 23:30
Arts and Literature

Many are celebrating Bangla language day today but more significantly most people are commemorating the merciless murder of many innocent people on this day. I would like to tell you the story, a sad and tragic story of two people from the same family, united by their ethnicity and faith but....    Full story...

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How could ‘Bangla’ be an official language of the UN?

Written By: NazirAhmed
21/02/2014 15:48
Arts and Literature

Six languages are currently official languages of the United Nations (UN). These are: English French, Arabic, Russian, Chinese and Spanish. Proposal has been made to include ‘Bangla’ as one of the official languages of the UN. Besides Bangla, Esparento, Hindi, Portuguese and Turkish....    Full story...

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Poetry Of Jim Morrison (James Douglas Morrison-2).

Written By: sibiwasa
15/02/2014 5:44
Arts and Literature

SEVEN SECONDS   At the first second, when you came into being you join us in a strange world. At the second second you grow up slowly you stare at the universal in wonderment. At the third second you’re still too young you believe false dreams you’re guided the wrong ways. At....    Full story...

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Poetry Of Jim Morrison (James Douglas Morrison)

Written By: sibiwasa
14/02/2014 9:16
Arts and Literature

WITHOUT A TRACE   We come to this world desperately, we die in a fear of being dead. Who could make up such a cruelty? I would like to send a message to the drafter: Your plan is successfully done, I’ll disappear without a trace, I promise.    Full story...

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A poem by ''Kazi Nazrul Islam''

Written By: Nazmul
31/08/2013 13:39
Arts and Literature

A Mountain Song We are wild as the storm  We are restless as the spring  We are fearless like god and generous like nature. We are as free as the sky  We are Bedouin, the deserts wandering tribe.  We know no king nor any king's....    Full story...

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In Bangladesh, Islamic artists are subject to oppression too

Written By: MohammadHossain
05/06/2013 5:11
Arts and Literature

A Dhaka court on the 5th of June granted 1 day remand against a police prayer for 10 days for Moshiur Rahman, well known nasheed singer. Naya Diganta reported that remand had been sought for a vandalism case filed at Ramna police station. The court also heard prayers of remand for four other....    Full story...

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