Bangladesh stepped in demographic dividend

Written By: Golam-Ali-Rubel
14/05/2016 19:28

Demographic dividend is one kind of demographic period when number of dependent population ( old people, children etc) decreases and active population increases dramatically. According to the definition of  United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) demographic dividend means, “the....    Full story...

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Future of BANK's interest rate in Bangladesh

Written By: AmitAIUB
25/12/2015 22:48

hello everyone my name is Amit and this short artical represents bank's future interest rate both as an investor and borrower prespective. hopefuly it will be helpful to readers.  It is probably not unknown to all of us about the importance of banks for developing economy like....    Full story...

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30 years warranty borrow Shil Pata Muktagachha

Written By: manoneshdas
22/03/2015 12:34 20/03/2015 2:22

Tota Mia, 30 years warranty borrow Shil Pata Muktagachha . Mymensingh Muktagachha manakona Union Nagra Bishnupur Tota Mia village. Around the age of fifty. Every day he lives and livelihood Shil Pata warranty ran lend wander. Different hats on the market and the neighborhood around the village....    Full story...

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Bankruptcy discharged my debts. Now what?

Written By: oresiacaby
01/05/2014 7:13

If you've recently filed for bankruptcy, had your debts discharged through bankruptcy, or are considering bankruptcy, there is something important to consider. What will you do now or once your debts have been discharged? When you're weighed down with debt it's easy to get so focused....    Full story...

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Borrower Selection- Primary step of Credit Investigation

Written By: Farhadur_Reza
23/04/2014 10:53 21/04/2014 8:57

Lending is one of the most important functions of commercial banks. The major portion of income of a commercial bank generates through lending. By lending banks take a huge risk of default on repayment. The risk starts from the first step of lending which is 'borrower selection'. Though a....    Full story...

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The monkey, Finance minister and equitable rights of children

Written By: HarunurRashid
05/08/2013 16:44

Stories come in handy in bringing home certain unpleasant truths about the society you live in. There are some advantages of telling stories. The narrator can make use of the fiction that reflects on the fact which otherwise is unpalatable. So the story serves as a convenient cover for the....    Full story...

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“Fool me once, can’t get fooled again”- Uncle Sam

Written By: Sabir
23/07/2013 18:44 13/07/2013 23:52

It is time for Muslims to say, “Fool me once, can’t get fooled again” & go back to Qur'an    Full story...

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Jute, the golden fibre of Bengal Muslim Development

Written By: HarunurRashid
29/06/2013 21:50

I consider Jute as something of great value to the life of the majority of people living in the deltaic plains washed by the three mighty rivers – the Padma, the Jamuna and the Meghna. Biologically, it is a fibrous tropical plant that grows in wet soil and can survive in standing water. Its....    Full story...

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Signing of TICFA agreement will be an economic death blow for Bangladesh. Not many people know about its pros and cons.

Written By: Mozafor
14/06/2013 15:59

Bangladeshi garments exporter has to pay a 15.3% duty while China only pays 3% but has no TICFA agreement with USA. United state has given Bangladesh GSP facility to 97% of our export product and is threatening to scrap it if we don’t sign the agreement. What people are not aware, those....    Full story...

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Written By: Tanvir_Hasan
05/06/2013 19:34

....    Full story...

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