Performance of Rubel Hossain

Written By: Pothik
30/04/2015 17:58

The ingredients of suspense , drama and meticulous attention have been recently given to the very renowned Bangladesh’s excruciating cricketer Rubel  Hossain . As always I am a bit reluctant while complimenting recent celebs but the way he gives those deadly swings and fascinating....    Full story...

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Fastest Bowler Pacer Rubel

Written By: Pothik
30/04/2015 17:47

It has been a while, that social and other medias have been boiling with our sensational fast bowler. Yess, you've all guessed the name! Rubel hossain it is!! And seems quite clear that he is still thirsty about his prospects after all those achievements lately! And though he is already our....    Full story...

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Change the Trend of Fashion

Written By: LAVELUX
20/04/2015 20:54 20/04/2015 20:47

Change the trend of fashion and be the heart among your circles whatever in your friend, family or colleagues. You might be thinking how it could be possible? You need to study on fashion designing or glued your eye with television to see what your favorite co star doing in their latest movie or....    Full story...

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Symphony Mobile

Written By: Monir-Khan
30/12/2014 4:52

There are few brands who get early popularity for best price with high configuration. Symphony mobile in Bangladesh is one of them. They are getting good popularity for providing good configure handset at affordable price. You can get this handset at many location of Bangladesh. Symphony Xplorer....    Full story...

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Samsung in Bangladesh

Written By: Monir-Khan
20/10/2014 7:43

Samsung is very popular brand in Bangladesh. In Dhaka City almost everywhere you find Samsung mobile shop. Also they are running many campaigns in regular basis. And anyone have credit card are able to buy their handset with EMI. Also they have wide variety of models with different price range(....    Full story...

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iphone6 PLUS is in the corner now

Written By: Musa-Bin-Mostafa
12/10/2014 3:39

Hi, iphone6 PLUS is in the corner now, I want to get one faked iphone6 PLUS, does any one have good recommendation? How about this one? please    Full story...

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Got free Hay Day diamonds and vouchers here!

Written By: Musa-Bin-Mostafa
10/10/2014 13:14

Hey, try out - I got free Hay Day diamonds and vouchers here! Get it in less than a minute! Couldnt believe at first but it really works! (Vv3aAZmga7)    Full story...

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The Wealthy Trader review

Written By: Musa-Bin-Mostafa
29/09/2014 7:46

The Wealthy Trader review Are you looking forward to The Wealthy Trader review ? Oh, yes. You are at the right place where I will tell you about all of it. What is the Wealthy Trader? The wealthy Trading software is a kind of software that can be used in trade. It helps the users or trader....    Full story...

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Binary matrix Pro review

Written By: Musa-Bin-Mostafa
29/09/2014 7:39

Binary matrix Pro review If you are a person who wants to see the review of Binary Matrix Pro then you are at the right time at the right place. Here I am discussing all the matters of this Binary Matrix Pro which can be benefitted for everyone I guess. What is Binary Matrix Pro? Simply....    Full story...

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Written By: Hira
27/06/2014 13:17 27/06/2014 13:09

Dhaka, 24 June, 2014 - The World Cup is in full flow and it is no secret that the world’s best footballers, who are showing off their skills in Brazil, are earning a substantial sum of money for participating in the month long tournament. The 29-year old Portugal superstar, Cristiano....    Full story...

22383 views 1 comments

Germany vs USA

Written By: Hira
18/12/2014 11:11 26/06/2014 15:40

  Today there is a big match in the World Cup football 2014. It’s a game between two rivals and also they are economic super power. Germany is very advanced in technology. They are producing different machineries and also arms. Their technology is famous and trusted to all over the....    Full story...

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hello everybody! see this youtub video.

Written By: jehadboksh
18/12/2013 22:28

Hello everybody how are you? Know I am describe this youtub video link. This video is very important our life. So I talk to everybody see this youtub video link then this youtub form very important news. This news is our life is very very....    Full story...

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Shaheed Rumi Squad: When hunger-strikers turn out to be Biryani-khors

Written By: MohammadHossain
30/03/2013 23:58 29/03/2013 19:28

An organization called Shaheed Rumi squad has been staging a hunger strike in front of the gate of the National Museum at Shahbag to demand for the ban of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Chatra Shibir. Made up of a few left leaning youths, the organization has presently attracted some....    Full story...

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Facebook Likes reveal surprisingly accurate intimate personal information

Written By: Bengalist
14/03/2013 12:17 13/03/2013 22:08

Surprisingly accurate estimates of users' race, age, IQ, sexuality, personality type, substance use, and political views can be inferred from automated analysis of only their Facebook Likes - information that is by default publicly available. The Cambridge University researchers who....    Full story...

26685 views 2 comments

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