Written By: Bdnews
20/01/2016 10:30

Bangladesh quickly to the technology sector, the country's streets, but soon will be seen in the numerous electricity-driven motor rickshaws, solar-powered rickshaw! The two researchers have developed a government grant special power-saving solar-powered rickshaw!The rickshaw drive pedal....    Full story...

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Written By: Vijay
09/08/2015 18:36 09/08/2015 18:30

Great opportunity to get poland work permit visa in short time. All payment after visa approval and checking from reliable source. Required documents for applying.... 1)Passport photocopy 2)10 copies photo 3)C.V 4)Birth certificate 5)police clearence certificate 6)academic credentials and....    Full story...

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Muktagacha Health Affairs Essay Competition

Written By: manoneshdas
16/04/2015 12:15

Aims to increase awareness of the area east of Muktagachha Thursday kathbaola age turning-point for juvenile adolescent health, nutrition, cleaning and cleanliness of the essay contest was held. Nabakali Project, World Vision Bangladesh, Muktagachha organized. Local kathabaola bazar Fazil....    Full story...

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Hysteria Muktagacha infected with the disease 12 student Hospital

Written By: manoneshdas
13/04/2015 15:25

Hysteria Muktagacha infected with the disease 12 student Hospital Mymensingh Muktagacha hysteria infected with the disease 12 Langrabazar Alim Madrasa students admitted to the hospital. Monday morning, they will stay in madrassas became infected. Infected 6th and 10th class students. Upazila....    Full story...

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On the occasion of New Year masks Business

Written By: manoneshdas
13/04/2015 10:39

On the occasion of New Year masks Business .Mymensingh Muktagacha new year, has been the occasion of the young people of different religious cult. Year, hoping to gain the business has started a group of young business masks. Paper, glue, color combinations, the mask, the same hand, the industry....    Full story...

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Muktagacha napitakhola road corruption reforms

Written By: manoneshdas
10/04/2015 4:34

Muktagachha napitakhola road corruption reforms. Roads and Highways Department under the Muktagachha - eventually made accusations of irregularities in Phulbaria roads. Locals in the area and the roads turn jamunasing napitakhola be the turn of one thousand meters in tendering is not a newspaper.....    Full story...

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Prevention of Child nimoniya Muktagacha Meeting

Written By: manoneshdas
08/04/2015 10:37

Prevention and polio-free status of the child niumokakkala nimoniya maintain regular immunization programs aimed at the implementation of the government's decision to use the vaccine pisibhi and IP Muktagachha Upazila Health Complex on Wednesday, meetings were organized advocacy initiatives.....    Full story...

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2015 World Health Day celebrated Muktagachha

Written By: manoneshdas
07/04/2015 7:14

Muktagachha Mymensingh district on Tuesday by the World Health Day is celebrated 2015. Upazila Health Complex, organized and with the support of World Vision Bangladesh Day rally and the meeting was held. City on the road rallies and meetings held in the hall Health Complex. Spoke, Upazila....    Full story...

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Muktagacha Liberation War Affairs Seminar

Written By: manoneshdas
04/04/2015 9:11

Mymensingh Muktagachha war photos and film quiz shows and cultural events are held on the premises of a local nabarun bidyaniketan. The Parliament of Bangladesh and Muktagachha Mymensingh Mymensingh district commands organized and inaugurated in cooperation with the district administration, MP....    Full story...

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Muuktagacha underprivileged child's birthday

Written By: manoneshdas
31/03/2015 16:45
News Muuktagacha underprivileged child's birthday Like every year, this year sponsored by South ADP Muktagacha Mymensingh local underprivileged children and has a child with a birthday. Daogamo Union under the action area on Monday Muktagachha South ADP....    Full story...

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Unconscious Party senses grip Muktagacha

Written By: manoneshdas
31/03/2015 16:16

Mymensingh region, leaving the young residents of a bus passenger Muktagacha fall unconscious Party was missing mobile phones and cash. Today at noon Tuesday at 1 pm at the unconscious, he was admitted to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital. Hunting Party senses Enamul Kabir (35). Mymensingh....    Full story...

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Bangladesh Information Technology space

Written By: manoneshdas
30/03/2015 8:49

http://<a href=''><img alt='' src='' /></a>The current global digital - there is no chance to pass the technology dependency. Bangladesh is now gradually strengthen its position in the information....    Full story...

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5 killed in road accident muktagacha: Truck driver arrested

Written By: manoneshdas
21/03/2015 4:43

Mymensingh muktagachaya trucks and CNG auto rickshaw rammed 5 people were killed. Dhaka-Mymensingh highway at around 5am on Saturday tangaila Muktagachha bhabakira suburb adjacent to the junction in front of the filling station Maruf said. Witnesses and police said the truck No. 11-0181....    Full story...

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Bangladesh: Key Media Executive arrested,fear extrajudicial Murder

Written By: Nazmul
01/02/2015 15:24 01/02/2015 15:22

Detective Branch(DB) of Bangladesh arrested top Media personality while ago without any formal charge. Mosaddek Ali (Falu), the Chairman and Managing Director of Popular Private TV Channel NTV has been held GMT 2pm. Image: DB taking Mosaddek Ali, Managing Director....    Full story...

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First Responders Training

Written By: sharif_khan
25/11/2014 17:21

A first responder is an employee of an emergency service who is likely to be among the first people to arrive at and assist at the scene of an emergency, such as an accident, natural disaster, or terrorist attack. Rotaract Club of Mahanagar Dhaka is going to organize a training session which is....    Full story...

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