Best 10 Hosting Company of Bangladesh

Written By: Noyon
25/09/2016 6:49
Science and Technology

Domain Hosting business is popular day by day in Bangladesh. Everyone wants to open website. After WordPress has impressed all and blogging is like a child’s play. To open an website first you need a domain like (your name or company) dot com. It is domain and you....    Full story...

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10 Tips To Draw Maximum Visitors In A Website Easily

Written By: Noyon
26/07/2016 17:22
Science and Technology

Now-a-days, all people are creating personal or business websites. They are having intentions to earn money from Google Adsense or many other means. But, the first and most important obstacle that comes to them is the visitor number. Some people write their own posts....    Full story...

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Yahoo Email Support Customer Service

Written By: jackfernando
25/06/2016 14:40
Science and Technology

Yahoo has made it an easier & quicker task for its customers to get hold of swift communication medium on just easy sign-up at Yahoo email account. A customer is offered with a user-friendly interface, where even a newbie or technically non-sound person can also send & receive email....    Full story...

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Samsung Galaxy J5: New sensation in Bangladesh

Written By: Monir-Khan
20/04/2016 10:51 06/04/2016 7:10
Science and Technology

If you are a gadget freak than obviously you know about the Galaxy J5 handset. With the inceadible battery life and very sharp super AMOLED display, this handset wins the heart of many Bangladeshi people. If you take a survey about the most popular handset in Bangladesh right now, Galaxy J5 would....    Full story...

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Facebook? For Free?

Written By: yalmaikazi
30/04/2015 13:11
Science and Technology

Facebook? For Free? By Yalmai Kazi   Social media has taken the world by storm providing us a vast, interactive and almost infinite platform to share views and news. It has completely changed the way people interact and make friends. The social media most dominant in Bangladesh is....    Full story...

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Mymensingh, Dhaka Divisional Science Technology Fair inaugurated

Written By: manoneshdas
22/03/2015 12:31 20/03/2015 13:13
Science and Technology

Mymensingh, Dhaka Divisional Science Technology Fair inaugurated . Through the application of new technology in the expansion of science at all levels and to improve the lives of people in general Mymensingh, Dhaka Division of Science and Technology of the two-day fair was inaugurated in....    Full story...

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Latest Handset trends and Bangladesh

Written By: Modi
31/01/2015 12:50 29/01/2015 14:30
Science and Technology

Cell phones and its new models has become one new expensive but essential trend now a day. The competition between large giants of handset producers has touched a new level, almost every six months they are coming up with new model consisting new features or upgraded version of previous model.....    Full story...

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Mobile App-Islamic Path

Written By: Modi
01/12/2014 8:03
Science and Technology

Telecommunication companies come up with different offers and exciting apps to engage their customers and now a days it is very much competitive. If we have a look at the site of our major telecom service providers we can find a variety range of products along with their numerous offers which are....    Full story...

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What to do before buying a smartphone

Written By: Monir-Khan
20/11/2014 9:44
Science and Technology

Buying a smartphone at right price sometimes feel bit challenging. When you visit any market you find many shops offer same products with different prices. So it is hard to find out which shop is better to go for purchase. To do so first you need to search some online sites better if you search....    Full story...

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Link Collider : online seo booster

Written By: Musa-Bin-Mostafa
16/09/2014 6:44
Science and Technology its TRUSTED FREE SEO BOOSTER AND SOCIAL MEDIA EXCHANGE TOOL     Link Collider is an incredible SEO booster website. It works on all major web browsers, tablets and phones, and will help you grow your online business, personal blogs and social networks for....    Full story...

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coupn promoting and earn money

Written By: Musa-Bin-Mostafa
16/09/2014 6:36
Science and Technology

"I want to share this great site that gives you happyminer coupon for promoting it to 5 forums and here's how you can get your $10: 1) Take a coupon 2) Go to 3) Apply there. After that they send a Happyminer's account to your email box 4)....    Full story...

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Windows 8.1 super fast !

Written By: Musa-Bin-Mostafa
13/09/2014 16:11
Science and Technology

Hi, I sheard a website .thats Windows 8.1 activetor. I used windows 8.1. Its very nice opperating system. Permanently Activate Windows 8.1 All Versions Download Link : This is activator work for....    Full story...

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Human dreams

Written By: tauhid
16/06/2014 13:17
Science and Technology

The actual mind is really a complex body organ, as well as there is nevertheless a great deal psychiatrist have no idea regarding the thoughts. The minds tend to be continuously working, capturing away chemical substance indicators through the brain's neurons all through the body. It is....    Full story...

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Microsoft Warns of Internet Explorer Zero-Day Bug

Written By: Fariha
30/04/2014 17:05
Science and Technology

Microsoft has released a security advisory that warns about remote code executions in various versions of Internet Explorer. "This issue allows remote code execution if users visit a malicious website with an affected browser," Microsoft said. "This would typically occur by an....    Full story...

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Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Media

Written By: Fariha
30/04/2014 17:03
Science and Technology

The digital revolution has not just arrived, it has well settled in. Traditional communications have muted, fragmented and diversified to create a spectrum of media experiences that provide consumers non-parallel option and freedom of choice. With the rise of the digital media, brand can connect....    Full story...

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