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Arms dealers,sellers and manufacturers are not true Christians-The Pope

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
27/02/2016 17:35

The Pope has issued a new edict - all arms dealers - sellers and manufacturers are not true Christians.

This is a very dangerous edict as it creates a very clear divide between his holiness the pope and the rest of the Christian world. Most of the powerful Christian leaders from Christian dominated counties will now find themselves excommunicated. If the Pope is the highest authority in the Christian world surely his words are also of highest significance.

The problem is these leaders probably don't care what the Pope says, they have it all under control - they have banish the pope to his papal residence and meagre ceremonious papacy. God's words and God's helpers have been banished to the fringes of the society. Such a shame!

Let us examine the top arms dealers in the world and also look at what religion they claim to follow. I have listed the names of countries in ranking order.

1. USA: The United-States of America remains the largest exporter of conventional weapons in the world, according to the latest study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The U.S account for 30% of global arms sales, or about $7 billion per year, for the period 2005-2009, SIPRI statement says. From 2005 to 2009, the U.S. sold one-third of its arm exports to South Korea (15%), Israel (13%) and the United Arab Emirates (11%). USA is Christian majority country. 

2. Russia: Russia remains the second largest supplier, with 23% of the global arms exports, or about $4.5 billion per year, the SIPRI data indicates. Russia’s main clients are China (40%) and India (20%), which belong to the top five of the largest conventional weapons importers from 2005 to 2009, SIPRI says. Russian exports of fighter planes included 82 Sukhoi fighters for India and 24 MI-17 helicopters for China. Since the collapse of communism Orthodox Christianity has taken a centre stage in Russia today.

3. Germany, whose exports doubled over the past five years, has become the world’s third-largest arms dealer, SIPRI reports. Germany now makes up 10% of the global volume. Most of Germany’s arms are sold to other European countries, such as Turkey (15%) and Greece (13%). German Leopard 2A4 tanks delivered to Turkey cost over 365 million Euros. The current ruling party is called The Christian Democrats and Christianity is the religion of the majority of the people. 

4. France: France is ranked fourth, while it used to be considered as the third largest weapons exporter until 2006, the SIPRI study shows. The French arms exports are estimated at 8% of the total sales. United Arab Emirates (32%), Singapore (13%) and Greece (12%) are the largest of France’s clients. Among its top sales, France delivered Mirage Combat Aircrafts to the UAE in the last five years. France claims to be a secular country but in 2007 CIA World Factbook lists the religion of France as: Roman Catholic 83–88%, Protestant 2%, Jewish1%, Muslim 5%–10%, unaffiliated 4%. 

5. United Kingdom: United Kingdom is the fifth-largest exporter of arms, although its exports volume has declined by 13%, comparing with the previous period, from 2000 to 2004. The U.K.’s arms sales make up 4% of the global market, SIPRI says. 21% of the U.K.’s weapons exports went to the U.S., including MP aircraft radars. The U.S. is the largest of UK’s recipients, followed by India (14%) and Chile (9%), SIPRI reports. Almost 60% of British population identified themselves as Christian and its recent Prime Ministers have publicly claimed to attend Sunday church services.

It will not be totally wrong to suggest that vast majority of the leaders of these countries are Christians by faith and heritage. Some may be even church going and card holding members of their local Church. Under their leadership these countries have a burgeoning weapons manufacturing industries, and they have been seen lobbying for weapons and defence contract around the world.

The question I would like to ask is - how do they reconcile between their supposed non-violent and turning the other cheek christian values and openly manufacturing and selling weapons? How do they think Jesus would have reacted if he was alive on this earth today? Let us not forget the fact that a lot of the weapons end up in the hands of illegitimate and rogue regimes who in turn use them on their people to oppress and subjugate them. So much blood and so many lives have been lost using these weapons.

Are these not the same countries that are waging war against terrorism, especially as they claim they are fighting "terrorism and extremism inspired by Islam" yet they are the biggest manufacturers and sellers of weapons? In my opinion terrorism in the world is being created and actively aided by these Christian arms dealers and it has nothing to do with Islam, just like the arms dealers who have nothing to do with true Christianity. Some Muslims who are being used in these dirty conflict, brutal violence and proxy wars are no more Muslim than those Christians who manufacture arms.

How dare the western world leaders apportion blame on Islam for the wars that they create and sustain! It is disgusting that the leaders of these arms manufacturing countries have the audacity to lecture the world about how to defeat terrorism and establish peace in the world!

The world needs leaders who are not spineless and hypocrites but sound in their personal beliefs and practices and with high standard of morals and character.

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