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Rasmolai Of Comilla

Written By: Ulysses
03/04/2016 10:37 29/03/2016 12:57

Bogura , Rajshahi and Moheshkhali are famous for curd , Mango and betel leaf respectively.It has it's own value and taste but interesting thing is that people who don't even take it's taste give example of these when situation demands .As I am from Comilla you can easily guess waht my topic is.Yes! you are right my topic is the Rasmolai (one kind of sweets) of Comilla.It is needless to promote the value and taste of it as it is well known to people.I am sharing a story to you.One of my friend from Dhaka always requests me to bring him Rasmolai.And I assured him whenever I visit Dhaka I will surely bring it.One day he phoned me and said that he took the taste of Comilla's Rosmolai.He further said "It was horrible!".I shocked after hearing him and asked to know from where he got the taste?Then he said what I expected that is he was going to Chittagong and when the bus stopped in Comilla highway he found that there were many outlets labelling "Rasmolai of Matrivandar".He was puzzled a bit  because almost every outlet labelling the same.Finally, he chose a posh outlet and bought with a great hope.But while taking the test he was thinking it was rumour.But it is not rumour as he thought.Actually my friend was cheated by the fraud businessmen.Not only my friend it happens to many.The original rosmali of Comilla you will find at Matrivandar in Monohorpur no where else.To reach there firstly,you are to stand in the nerve of the cilty,kandirpar.Your desired place is located only about half km away in the east of Kandirpar .You can easily reached there by rickshaw the fare is not more than 10 tk.When you will there you might again bewilder by seeing the actual Matrivandar.It is in it's decrepit condition and seems it is dying.The label of the shop is almost covered by dust but the quality is not.There is no need to  be puzzled this very shop is your destination.If you take the taste of it's most probably you won't forget in the rest of your life.When I see the shop it reminds me again quality doesn't need much circulation people will find it for their own.Be concious for the next time friend .

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