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Now fundamentalists are only safe in Bangladesh

Written By: Zapsha
02/06/2016 11:59

To demonstrate repeatedly that the discussion of the murder of a blogger came up with arguments were some of the bloggers who write about religion, insulting, blasphemous and they are hurting the religious beliefs of the people.

Every moment cheating with men, corruption, make rules arbitrarily which is beneficial for themselves, that there is no religion in this book have erected their own arbitrary interpretation, although in a religious book a lot of rules and regulations are written which is very hard to follow to do but their own editing rules've been through many believe that they are not in any way hurt anyone's faith!
Last November some social media like “Face Book” was closed.
After a lot of criticism of the ' Facebook ' has been launched again, but a lot of people Have been arrested for insulting religion. But still not found any arrest news for insulting a school headmaster.
The religious passion again stands at some creative blog site! but some Open-Minded blog has been closed.
In our country You can see on the wall a big poster for two movies in one ticket.
Often throw small leaflets in a rickshaw, CNG public buses for taming the stubborn husband, physical disability etc.Do not hit anyone with any of these beliefs. Why is not necessary to take the hit.Rather, these incidences are increasing and will increase further.
Because of the ignorance of some people inside, they can gain some opportunist.A few days ago, the popular Swiss folk metal band “ilubheiti” concert was cancelled for security reasons.

Now fundamentalists are only safe in this country! They pride themselves freely were brutally stabbed to death, has proudly claimed responsibility for the murders, it is sending letters threatening to kill him, give an ultimatum the cancellation of the non-Muslim writers from school book. Bangladesh is now for them.

The government is keeping up such a wall around themselves of Religious sentiment, they do not know in whom their life at risk?
Why the teacher, author, publisher are live in tight security and who are their fear? For what reason cancels the music concert?


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