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Cowardly assassination of Babul Akhter's wife.

Written By: Golam-Ali-Rubel
11/06/2016 20:57 11/06/2016 12:19
Burning Issue

Howe would you feel if you, after returning home from office, saw your family murdered? More importantly how would you feel if you saw that the murder was committed because of your brave stand against those murderers to save innocent people while you could be silent and nothing would  happen to your beloved family? If the honesty and bravery of a police officer against terrorism results in losing his beloved wife how will law enforcers be encouraged to sacrifice themselves against terrorists. More petrifying fact is if the terrorists or murderers have the gut to kill the wife of a Police Office it is likely that murdering mass people is a trifling matter for them. The murderers who had audacity enough to kill the wife of a police officer in broad day light definitely have a strong patronizing abettors. Now my ernest request to the government and police that at least take the murder seriously, find out the culprits immediately,  give them exemplary punishment. Otherwise,  the people will loose heart and reduce their reliance on law enforcers institutions as well as the government. 

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