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Present situation On Job Market

Written By: sohrab
12/06/2016 7:20
Thoughts and Ideology

 I worked in a multinational companies. Therefore so much experience has been developed. Upon this experience I wrote a news article on job market on which different categories job seeker’s problems are described. For solving this problem I have given some steps which can be taken by job seekers. Firstly job market is the process of searching employees by employer & searching jobs by employees. To find a good job, a job seeker must research about some conditions such as occupational demands, salary information, closer jobs near home, industry sites etc. The job market is directly connected to the unemployment rate. The higher the unemployment rate, the greater the supply of labor in the overall job market. When employers have a larger pool of applicants to choose from, they can be pickier or force down wages. As the unemployment rate drops employers are forced to compete more heavily for available workers, which has the effect of increasing wages. At present unemployment rate are increasing day by day. In Bangladesh it is also severe. Most companies always try to take experienced person. From this respect a job seeker should gain various kinds of knowledge about his or her job related. For this purpose they should take short time, medium term & long term course which will be helpful for a job seekers.

Almost all over the world job market breaking down & increasing in different site. At present all types work are done on computer based. So it is essential for a job seeker to gain knowledge about computer site. In every industries computer are using in every work by which any kinds of difficult jobs are done easily.


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