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Nutrition and its Necessity

Written By: sohrab
17/06/2016 7:06
Health and Hospital

Nutrition and its necessity


Nutrition elaborates all necessary ingredients in food. According to the definition of science and human medicine, nutrition is the science or practice of consuming and utilizing foods. With taking healthy foods a patient can get all types of nutrients element which reduce all types of weakness from him or her. At present many people are suffering from nutrition all over the world. It has been researched about nutrition and its necessity on human body all over the world. Researcher said that lack of nutrition a human body can be affected various types of diseases such as anemia; diabetes; mental disorders scurvy and pellagra etc. there are various types of food in which different nutrients such as vitamins and mineral are found. In a human body all types of diseases are mainly created because of nutrition. In which foods a person can get nutrition such as all types of fruits, carbohydrates such as (rice, noodles, bread etc), fats such as button and lard, protein and also water. According to the modern science a person should drink 6-8 glasses of water for healthy life. One of the main reasons for creating diseases in human body is lack of water. Moreover the world leader should take necessary steps to create cautions about nutrition and its necessity on human body. So every government should take all necessary steps in education system to create cautions about this. At present it has been taken various kinds of steps about this. Especially world health organizations are taking various kinds of steps. Not only government or international organization but also from us we should also take various ways to create caution among the people. 

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