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Westminster democracy in Bangladesh

Written By: Ehsan
02/07/2016 6:03

In recent days and years, we hear a lot, a very common phrase that is the ‘Westminster Democracy ‘is being used  by our current ruling party’s politicians & ministers, including the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.  We have seen that the Awamie-league lead  14 party alliance government is very much determined to follow the path of UK parliamentary system and eradicate  all the existing undemocratic process, that have been  practising for last few decades.  As a result of that they withdrew the caretaker government system in the last general election and the election was held under them while they were in the power. Most of the political parties, notable intellectuals & journalist, including the main opposition party, BNP, were against this idea and the main argument was that the trust between the political parties that has not been developed up to that stage therefore they recommended to keep the existing caretaker government for at least next two terms. But  Awami-league denied   and said they do not want go backwards and it’s time to move forward hence why they held an election under them without any contest from the main opposition parties and in the end they came to the power. As a result of the 5th January’s election, in the first anniversary, country went through a big mess/turmoil, economy went down sharply  and off course, lots of ordinary people lost their lives  and injured forever, because of the opposition’s protest, petrol bombs and strikes. As usual in Bangladesh they blame each other, rather than finding the actual criminals who committed those kinds of acts, and in the meantime criminals find their way to escape safely. After they came to power we have seen so many attacks and murders took place but we did not see any notable judgements for these.     

It’s the time for Awami-league to reflect and ponder on this, do they actually follow the Westminster democracy and understand the implication of this or are they using this as a tool which will be self serving for them and will have an everlasting power.  

Two weeks ago, world has witnessed the Britain’s referendum, the most important decision of the country, in relation to the leave and remain in EU and the current government had given the opportunity to the public to decide. Although the government was on remaining side, people of Britain rejected their advice by voting to leave. So, my question is, if Awamie league really believes and follows the Westminster government why not give an opportunity like Britain to the people of Bangladesh and let them decide  whether they want a caretaker government or not? I bet they are too scared to lose their power.

Interestingly, we have also noticed the current prime minister of UK is sanding down in October as he thought the people has rejected his advice and he has no longer authority over these people, therefore it’s better for him to go. Have any Bangladeshi politicians ever set any examples like this?  However, it’s very common in western countries? Neither Awami League nor BNP!!

Finally I would say politics is a great profession/ work when the main purpose of this is to serve the people and nation without being selfish.


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