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An Open Letter

Written By: ConcernedCitizen
04/07/2016 20:12 04/07/2016 20:04

Dear Sunni Wahabi Scum,

I am writing this to you on behalf of a nation that is still mourning the loss of several innocent and beautiful lives. It seems like you have succeeding in corrupting the minds of some of our youth with your hateful and destructive dogma. It seems like you have succeeded in making them belief that the All Mighty will look upon them favorably for mercilessly slaying innocent beings. We are certainly not used to the concept of a deity that rewards suicide killings and hence this incident has left us shattered and wounded. You have often referred to us as part of your Ummah (community) and hence it is my intent to point out certain differences that exist between us.

The nation that I represent is home to almost 150 million Non-Arab Muslims and we all belief in the same God as you. But our forefathers somehow taught us of a merciful God and made us practice a religion that takes pride in humility and forgiveness. We were born poor and never had the oil wealth that you squander and it is only through extreme hard work that we have been successful in slowly crawling out from the pits of poverty. I guess, you have also seen many of our workers in your cities. They have brown skins and you confiscate their passports, pay them discriminatory wages and treat them as third class labor. Yes, many of our people have had the unfortunate experience of encountering the great bonds of Islamic brotherhood that your propaganda videos promise. It seems like only during times of war that you promote us from our lowly ranks of slave labor to one of soldier and brother.

We realize that you come from a harsh and barren land and your rulers are ruthless xenophobes. Our lands are fertile, nurturing and our rulers are often replaced by means of democratic referendums. Our constitution realizes that diversity is one of the greatest assets that a country can have and allows all its citizens to openly practice their own religions. We do not keep our women locked up behind absurd customs; infact our women constantly lead society on various fields. They are not forced to cover themselves from head to toe and yet retain their modesty and carry out all tasks with dignity. These ideals of multiculturalism and tolerance is part of our inheritance as civilization has flourished in our region for thousands of years and our lands have been parts of great kingdoms. Your history on the other hand can only be traced back to petty nomadic tribes and hence it is understandable that your appreciation for culture and the greater arts is quiet rudimentary. You have no sense of history and everything for you begins from that tiny trading outpost in the middle of the desert.

I am sure that there was sound rationale behind why my ancestors decided to convert to our common faith but I am also certain that it was not because they wanted their progeny to take part in unnecessary murder.  We have long listened to your interpretation of our Holy texts but a common language doesn’t always necessitate that your versions are correct. You do not understand our problems and you certainly don’t offer any solutions to the struggles that our large populace face every day.

I do understand that people in your states are suffering and I sincerely hope for peace to ensue in those burning cities. But civil war is an unfortunate consequence of the nation building process, we had to undergo a painful metamorphosis ourselves and every country has to go through it eventually. So the internal struggles of a region cannot be the justification of all out global war. You have to understand that you and your people only represents a tiny minority in this global religion and you certainly don’t have the right to tarnish its reputation any further. So please keep your filthy heinous practices and your misconstrued version of Islam in your states. We and the rest of the world don’t need and want you. You don’t have allies, you don’t have a future and I am sure that you don’t have a God looking after you. Wishing you and your kind a quick extinction.


A Regular Bangladeshi Citizen

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