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10 Tips To Draw Maximum Visitors In A Website Easily

Written By: Noyon
26/07/2016 17:22
Science and Technology

Now-a-days, all people are creating personal or business websites. They are having intentions to earn money from Google Adsense or many other means. But, the first and most important obstacle that comes to them is the visitor number. Some people write their own posts themselves, whereas some copy-paste the posts from different blogs. If you are a new blogger and has just started blogging for earning money, you must give emphasis on your visitor number. It is not easy for those who just copy-paste from other blogs. As Google keeps an eye on them and they are listed at the bottom of the search result.

This post is certainly for those who are writing their posts themselves and have enough patience. The first thing they should remember is, blogging is not easy. It’s one of the difficult jobs in this world. You have to be a good writer if you want to have success in blogging. There are many other factors. You will get an idea of those by reading this post.

10 Tips To Draw Maximum Visitors in a Website Easily


Now come to the point. You need visitors in huge numbers, right? Why do you think, people will visit your website? Think as a visitor for a moment. Now judge your own blog. Is your blog having the contents to atract visitors? If you think, your blog has enough good contents written by you, you are on the right track. But if you think, your blog contents are poor in quality and quantity, you should start writing quality posts daily.

Here are some other tips that might help you to draw visitors from search engine and other legal sources:


Select a nice domain for your website. It is not easy. As the beautiful and short names are being unavailable day by day. You can not create a website named or You must think for the alternative short names that are still available. If you are looking for visitors all over the world, you must not select a country specific domain like or These websites will draw Bangladeshi visitors more. But Google will keep them in the bottom when a visitor searches from United States of America. So, avoid these short codes and choose a simple name, that is easy to remember for all.

A good and easy domain name is a great factor for a website. As you can see, this website’s name is It is medium sized and much easier to remember for people specially from Bangladesh.


The next question that will come to your mind is, how can I buy a beautiful domain? It is very easy. If you have Paypal, VISA or MasterCard account, you can buy domains online easily from these websites:

If you do not have any of the above-mentioned websites, you can also buy a domain from your local domain and hosting providers. As for example, in Bangladesh, these providers support bKash or some other local techniques for payment.


You need not worry much about the cost. Most of the domains will cost just 7-10 USD [550-800 BDT] for 1 year. After 1 year, you have to renew the domain and pay another 7-10 USD for the next year.

Your visitors will remember your website by its name and regularly visit it for newer contents. So, domain name matters!


Post regularly, at least once a day. Your visitors will always look for new information. If you post regularly, they will come back to check whether there is any new posts or not. It will give you some constant visitors who will also comment on your blog posts expressing their feelings.


Advertisement is a good way of drawing visitors. For an example, is one of the growing website in Bangladesh. Most of the people did not know about this website for a long time. But they have changed their policy and started to advertise on TV and Newspapers. It made a dramatic change in their visitor numbers. You can also advertise by leaflets, banners, forum posts, blog comments and link sharing to your friends and relatives. It will draw new visitors to your blog. If they find your contents helpful, they will be your regular visitors one day.


A visitor commented on your post. He did it spending his valuable time. So, you need to answer and thank him/her. It will encourage him/her to comment next time. It will make your relationship more effective and you will get a good visitor and well-wisher for your blog.


Popular topics are those which are searched more frequently by most people than the others. You should look for the upcoming events. It will give you some post ideas. Write unique posts on those topics. It will draw visitors from search engine easily.


Images can explain those things which sometimes can’t be explained by words. So, keep your images easy and related to the topic. You must keep the image size small as large images will increase the loading time and you may lose some visitors in this fashion.


Keep your blog’s navigation system easy and visible. Add a menu bar and page number widget. Add Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Popular Posts, Search Box, Social Share widgets, Subscription widgets on your blog. These are must for drawing quality visitors who will read your contents and be pleased visiting your blog.


Reading improves writing. Read the posts from your competitors and best bloggers on the internet world. You will get a lot of ideas and information from that. You can also comment on those blog posts to draw some visitors to your blog.


Keep your blog open for guest posting. People will love to post on your blog for drawing visitors from your blog to their own blogs. It will also increase your visitors as they will get different types of posts from different types of bloggers in one place.


This is the best and most important way of drawing visitors from search engine. It is a huge topic and you will get a lot of articles on the internet regarding this. Just a few words here to make you understand it’s importance:

Suppose, you need a Ramadan Calendar for 2013 in your area. So, what will you do? You will open your browser and search Google writing RAMADAN CALENDAR 2013 BANGLADESH or something like that. Now, you will see some websites that provide the content you are looking for. You will click on any of them and collect the desired content from that website. Most people collects contents in this fashion. So, Google is the ultimate source of visitors. If you want to get thousands of visitors daily, make your website SEO friendly and relax! Your visitors will grow in numbers in just a few days.


Thank you for reading this post.

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