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Bangladesh Journalists Appear to Court like Criminal!

Written By: Nazmul
10/08/2016 16:53 09/08/2016 23:34
Media and Newspaper

Image: Editor panel in the court today

Bangladesh authority have taken the arrested Journalist in the court today.The above image that gone viral in the social media give many message. I first thought they are criminal though any criminal has constitutional right to be treated with dignity. So, what happened to these Journalist?

In my earlier blog I have written that government crackdown nearly 35 online news portal by shutting them completely. This image is part of this crack down. These three respected journalists alleged for a false news about the prime minister Son Joy. A rumor has been spread that PM son's flight has been crashed on his way to USA from Bangladesh. writes that this is rumor and false. Still enthusiastic officer from 'Elite' force RAB arrested them for the news even though they clarified that the original news was rumor and false.

In Bangladesh, talking against Prime Minister Hasina and her Son Joy who would occupy her position in future is a crime. Few people already arrested for this 'crime'! Never mind we still live in medieval age where there was no freedom of speech. 

What an irony of Bangladesh. The party rule it now claimed to be champion in Secularism, freedom of speech and human rights but they are in reality champion of exactly doing opposite! 

The latest crack down to Online news portal and Journalists are one burning example. 

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Journalists Journalists treated as Criminal in Bangladesh RAB 


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