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Awami League leader walk on "human bridge"

Written By: Tojveroul
04/02/2018 16:05 02/02/2017 23:31

A Awami leage politician and a wealthy businessman clambering over groups of students who had been forced to form a human chain went viral.

Parents lodged complaints this week after dozens of students were made to stand and form a bridge out of their bodies for an elected mayor who then walked over them in the central district of Chandpur.
It was followed by a similar incident in which an businessman was seen walking on the shoulders of students in a celebration to mark his donation of a piece of land to a school in the district of Jamalpur.
Photos of have since gone viral on social media and were widely published in local newspapers, sparking a welter of criticism.
“This is a very disturbing incident. 
“The students’ parents said they did not send their kids to school be part of this kind of thing which have a negative impact.”
ruling Awami League party official, saying it was a traditional celebration for an honored guest.

This is the real face of awami leage they dont respect our educational is the top of the country now.


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