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Women in Bangladesh : hope or disappointment ?

Written By: Nazmul
02/04/2013 16:43
Women rights

It was 1960s, my mother used to be a very talented student in her school. When she was merely a 13 years old little girl, my grandfather decided to get her married. Hearing this shocking news, school teachers went to request my Nana (Grandfather) not to destroy my mother’s bright future. They tried to make him understand about the importance of education for my mother. Unfortunately my Nana could not understand what he is going to do. However, time has been changed, my mother and her highly ambitious husband ( my father :P) realized the importance of education for their 3 daughters. My eldest sister is now associate professor of Animal Husbandry and veterinary science in University of Rajshahi. My other sister completed her Masters in Islamic History. I have also completed my Masters recently. Things are gradually changing a lot in Bangladesh.Women education in Bangladesh is increasing day by day.

In development of Bangladesh, women are also taking part broadly. Women are working almost in every development sector in our country. This is happening because of women education. People are now more conscious about sending their daughters  to schools.

Beyond this positive picture, if we turn the other page we will find another ugly chapter of our women, about which we are almost silent to raise our voice. Following the international media and corporate world our women are also being used as products by our national media. Breaking the traditional modest status, women are highly encouraged to open up their beauty and body. Though our Indian sub continental women always maintained modest dress and modesty of Indian sub continental women is a great part of our culture. Very unfortunately forgetting modesty and cultural heritage our women are accepting western clothing. They have started believing that, western clothing is like symbol of freedom. Tv dramas, movies and very importantly Indian movies and serials are also playing a vital role to destroy our cultural Identity.

Women persecution and rape cases have been increased alarmingly. Over the last 4 years in Bangladesh 13 thousand women have been raped, nearly 50 thousand women have been persecuted somehow.

Bangladesh Human Rights Commission's executive Alina Khan said, women persecution in Bangladesh has been increased categorically.

Bangladesh women lawyers association's chief executive Salma Ali said, rape cases in Bangladesh has increased as like as in India. 

President of national women association Ayesha Khanam said, whatever the statistics of women persecution is, it doesn't matter. But the most important thing is vulnerability of women persecution has been deteriorated. Now women are not only being raped, they are being killed afterward. 

Young Doctor Sajia Afrin Eva has been killed by her colleague doctor in the same clinic last year. Professor of Dhaka University Rumana Monjur was severely tortured by her husband and she lost her eyes. A clinical killer raped a woman and cut her body into 24 pieces in a hotel in the capital city of Bangladesh. He confessed what he did in front of the journalists.

If we start counting the women persecution cases, we might not finish. Besides women pornography is now a devastating issue in Bangladesh. Young girls and boys are hugely involved in free mixing, while we are talking about social changes this is containing the poison for destroying our children. In the universities and  colleges a particular student political group is conducting sex business using girls. 

Women education is important, but we cannot slaughter our cultural, religious heritage, which is causing dark future for our women. A steady revolution is must for stopping the current destructive changes in our society and the westernization of our culture. Otherwise our women will lost their identity and our society will be destroyed as like as the western societies.




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Women in Bangladesh 


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