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May 5 Hefajot's Dhaka Siege on International Media

Written By: Nazmul
06/05/2013 2:30 06/05/2013 2:25
Bangladesh in Intl. Media

CNN :  Bangladesh Islamists battle police; 4 dead

BBC : Bangladesh police break up Islamist protest in Dhaka

Daily Mail UK : Ten dead and hundreds injured as police battle hardline Islamist group demanding death penalty for those who insult Allah

Bangkok Post : 10 dead as Bangladesh Islamists demand blasphemy law

Washington Post : Police say 1 killed as Islamic group demonstrates in Bangladesh for anti-blasphemy law

RT ( Russian TV ) : Four killed in massive Bangladesh anti-blasphemy protest (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Market Watch (USA) : Islamist protests hit Bangladesh capital: reports : Radical Islamists lay siege to Dhaka

Daily Times ( Pakistan ) : ANALYSIS : Shariah and Shahbagh — Naqib Hamid

Press TV : Three killed in Bangladesh clashes

The Standard : Road rage besieges Dhaka

Cheat Sheet : Bangladesh Islamists Battle Riot Police

The Guardian Express : Bangladesh Riots Result in Death and Injury

Dhaka Tribune : Four dead as violence escalates

300 injured during day of violence and vandalism in the capital :  Bangladesh Islamists battle police; 4 dead

Business Ghana : Islamists demand death penalty for blasphemy in Bangladesh

The Himalayan ( Nepal ): Protests bring Dhaka to a grinding halt

The Christian Science Monitor :  Rioting and rubble: What's behind the turbulent times in Bangladesh?

Arab News : 10 dead in Bangladesh clash over blasphemy law

The Times of India : Three dead in Dhaka as Bangladeshi Islamists protest for blasphemy law

Global Post : 4 dead in Bangladesh blasphemy protests

World News ( Australia) : Bangladesh blasphemy protest kills ten

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