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Written By: Tanvir_Hasan
05/06/2013 19:34


What do you mean by freelancing? Freelancing is considered as a self-employer who has the freedom to pick and choice his profession. Freelance work is a work offered on a temporary and part time basis while some freelance work may be performed on verbal agreement, others may sign a contract for a specified period of time where payment is made per day, hour, and piece rate or per-project basis.

 There are many sectors of freelancing in the era of globalization.  Online free lancing is one of them. There are many sides and market places of online freelancing by them you can earn lots of money. The most common fields of online freelancing are data entry, article writing and editing, web design and development, graphic design, Illustration, animation, affiliate marketing, programming (etc.) and marketplaces are,, (etc.) and online micro-freelancing marketplaces are,, (etc.) and affiliate marketplaces are (etc.). You can choice one or several of them and start online freelancing.

People say they want to get into freelancing but don't know how to do it, what I tell them is: OK, fine, you don't know how to freelance because you've never done it before. But you have to remember that freelancing requires such strict adherence to toadyism, to sycophancy, to the grubbiest, lowliest submissions. So if you dedicated to online-freelancing and determined to hard-labor, you can start now. I hope you will success via your hard work.

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