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Signing of TICFA agreement will be an economic death blow for Bangladesh. Not many people know about its pros and cons.

Written By: Mozafor
14/06/2013 15:59

Bangladeshi garments exporter has to pay a 15.3% duty while China only pays 3% but has no TICFA agreement with USA. United state has given Bangladesh GSP facility to 97% of our export product and is threatening to scrap it if we don’t sign the agreement. What people are not aware, those products are not our major export product compared to garments which does not enjoys GSP facility. this year alone Bangladesh has given United States in duty 5600 cror Taka which is 6 times more than USA gives yearly loan grants to Bangladesh. In effect, USA is earning from us than we from them. Another disadvantage of TICFA agreement is the opening of service sector to USA companies which in effect will mean Bangladeshi company will not be able to compete with big multinational American companies. Intellectual property right is another aspect of the agreement which will affect our pharmaceutical companies producing cheap medicine. At the moment no royalty is paid for the production of generic medicine, but under TICFA agreement royalty has to be paid to the inventor because of intellectual property rights. This would mean Bangladeshi medicine will cost more to buy and to export. Besides this, there are other security issues which will have undue consequences for Bangladeshi relationship with other countries in the neighbourhood. In summary our economic and political policy will be dependent and influenced by USA and its multinational companies.


I foresee Dan Mazinas’ dirty game in Bangladesh, and partly for that reason, people of Bangladesh will not enjoy political stability or a government that reflects the views of the majority of the people.


The world most hated hegemonic country; the USA has thousands of permanent military bases all over the world. It is their means to control and dominate economic, political, and military policy of a country. The USA has used many excuses to impose their will and dominance over other countries, specially the third world developing nations; from military invasion on the pretext of fighting terrorism to trade agreements on the excuse of duty free facility and providing security for trade and investment. Most recently the forth coming TICFA agreement with Bangladesh will open the door to a permanent military base in Bangladesh.


The United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan in 2001 as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror. Afghan President Hamid Karzai said on May 9 that the US had demanded to keep nine military bases across the war-torn country, adding that we are in a very difficult and delicate situation. Bangladesh present political crisis is mostly due to geo-political interest of hegemonic powers, such as the USA and India. Both want to have slice of Bangladesh progress, and use Bangladesh to fight a proxy war with China in the next decades. So in many ways it supports political parties that serves their interest and overlooks any of their wrong doing. It is the same with many Arab countries, where for decades the ruling elites have been running the country with iron fists, violating human rights, suppressing any political descent, yet America is the number one friends of those dictators. I foresee Dan Mazinas’ dirty game in Bangladesh, and partly for that reason, people of Bangladesh will not enjoy political stability or a government that reflects the views of the majority of the people. I have doubt in my mind whether a free and fair election will ever take place in Bangladesh because a free and fair election may not serve the interest of America and India. BNP and the opposition can dream and trust on the lies of Dan Mozina, but know for sure without effective agitation and anti government movement, the opposition has no chance of coming to power.

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