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“The journey by COW with the SHAMELESS COWBOYS”

Written By: Sabir
11/08/2013 1:50 08/08/2013 3:23
Thoughts and Ideology

Here, modern democratic system is the “COW”, and “SHAMELESS COWBOYS” are the politicians who are not only fighting with each other for the POWER & MONEY but also corrupting the social and political systems, for which the ordinary people, who are riding the “COW”, are suffering.

Unfortunately, our politicians have forgotten that we (the ordinary people) control them, not the other way round; so, it is time for us to remind them, NOW!

It is important to remember that the “String” is in our hands to control all the “SHAMELESS COWBOYS” who do not even know how to manage the “COW” (as shown in the painting); therefore, it is our choice whether we want to ride the “COW”, or not (think)!

(Eid Mubarak)

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