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A poem by ''Kazi Nazrul Islam''

Written By: Nazmul
31/08/2013 13:39
Arts and Literature

A Mountain Song

We are wild as the storm 
We are restless as the spring 
We are fearless like god and generous like nature.

We are as free as the sky 
We are Bedouin, the deserts wandering tribe. 
We know no king
nor any king's laws, 
We submit to no rule or regulation, 
We are born free with it mind' 
open as the blossoming lotus. 
We are the murmuring flood tide of the sea 
and the warbling waters of the mountain spring

We are generous hearted wide open meadows... 
We are mighty invincible hills 
We are flying birds with outstretched wings 
We are bubbling laughter and gay songs.

We eat wild fruits and drink rain water 
We sleep under trees in the depth of green forests 
We are the gushing river of life. 
We are the flowing waters of mountain brooks
warbling singing roaring
always restless and ever on the move. 


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Kazi Nazrul Islam 


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