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An out of the ordinary wedding

Written By: Mozafor
06/09/2013 18:53
Thoughts and Ideology

For some time I have been thinking of writing something about a recent wedding I attended in Cardiff. It is no other than the wedding of Save Bangladesh Zara Kadir and Noman Khan. I don’t know how the name Juhora that I always had known her name by became Zara, perhaps for simplicity, or it may be to hide her self from the secret service of Sheikh Hasina. I must say many of the faces I see in Save Bangladesh site are not the faces of the real people, but almost all of them use face masks to hide their real identity. The funny thing is, I had always thought that Jawadul Fatah to be a girls name until a young man at the wedding, when I put that question to him, he corrected my misconception that it was indeed a boy, and not a girl name that I had previously thought. It may be a good idea to unveil the entire face mask so that in ignorant people like me don’t ever get mixed up with gender.

Looking back in time, I had always known the girl, ‘Juhora’ to be a quiet, polite, and shy girl. I never thought in the wildest of my dream that she would ever be so passionate about politics; and not any politics, but Bangladeshi politics. I would have thought that if anything, she would be doing British politics, but to be involved in Bangladeshi politics was beyond my imagination. Her fervour and passion for politics surprised me. Her father had once told me that she regretted not to have taken political science for her higher education. Perhaps Delwar Hussain Sayedis unjust persecution and Sheikh Hasina’s enmity towards Islam had made many of us come in to the world of politics.

Noman and Juhora’s wedding was the simplest and out of the ordinary wedding ceremony that I had attended. Simplicity in the sense that there was no large entourage and lavish party and out of ordinary because it was an inter district marriage, and I witnessed some out of ordinary singing by the groom’s entourage at the reception. No offence to the guest, but none of them had a good singing voice other than being joyful.

My observation of the groom was from face book. Noman was in my friends list for some time, and I had seen a picture of him with a tea shirt displaying his back. From his banner picture not much can be said other than from his writing, one can sense his political affiliation. When I met him at the wedding, Juhora’s dad introduced me to Barrister Nazrul Islam not as a relative of Juhora, but bizarrely by my face book identity. I approached Noman and just simply greeted him expecting him to know me; and I wasn’t to be disappointed, as his body language gave away his knowledge of me. I was expecting a tough Noman, but to my surprise he was very simple, soft, gentle, and amicable young man. My first conversation with him begun rather strangely; he was sitting in the lounge when I entered the room with the thought of conversing with him, but my nature is such that I am not good at face to face talking, so I pulled back from initiating the talk and was looking for an opening from some one in the room. It so happened by chance, Juhora’ sister sitting on the right commented something about her inability to understand anything about Bangladeshi politics, so I took the opportunity to break the ice and said to her that politics is like poetry; if a person loves poetry, he talks poetry, he sings poetry, he eats poetry and he dreams poetry; similarly to understand poltics, you have to love politics to experience the kick out of it. Hearing this, out of the blue, Noman intervened and said, “Why don’t you open a blog for publishing your political thoughts, it would have a wide impact.” But the conversation was short lived. Before I could fully engage my self in to the realm of blog and politics, he left the room for an unknown destination. So the story ends here for now. May Allah make both of them happy in their conjugal life; Ameen.

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