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To The Indians

Written By: Deen
09/09/2013 2:09 08/09/2013 3:02
Foreign Relations

Just because we don't kill ordinary indian citizens who live in the border doesn't mean we are not capable of doing so. Just because B'deshi govt. don't condemn this issue doesn't mean all BANGLADESHIS are with the govt.There are some REAL BANGLADESHIS still there to fight till they shed the last drop of their blood for the honor of the country. To save the country from any foreign aggression millions of BANGLADESHIS  are ready to sacrifice their lives. Not all the B'deshi citizens are impotent like present B'deshi govt.

Is there any day that goes by without the incident where an innocent B'deshi citizen doesn't get killed by the BSF? Do we/you have an eternal enemity between us? Why? 

Why do you try to escalate violence in B'desh? What's your interest? Why do you try to depict B'desh as a land of muslim extremist? Is there any single evidence where any B'deshi has been involved in any of your internal affairs/violence? Why do your medias then publish negative news and views on B'desh? 

You are not our enemy. We have many reasons to think you are our friends. As muslim we have love and care for millions of Indian muslims. As bangalee we have a soft corner and a special bond with Bangla speaking Indians. These are some of the many reasons why we think India is our friend. Well, only some politicians may differ. What is the enemity for?

Can you (any Indians) answer me why did you kill my daughter? My daughter was my heart. You ripped her apart with a killer bullet. Why? What did she do to you? Was she a threat to your national security? Did she go to steal something from you? Did she go to beg alms to the BSF? Your BSF killed my child like a wild animal. She was hanging there on the fence like a dead pigeon. Think, only for once; how much the poor girl suffered while she got shot. Can you imagine as a father how I felt? She was my world. BSF destroyed my hope and my dream. I don't know what I am living for now. May be this is how hatred takes shape. The hatred I feel deep inside me for the BSF is spreading now. My curse be on those who don't condemn this act. You staged a drama to show us you care. Your BSF court declared the culprit innocent. How can a killer be innocent? The hatred is getting bigger and bigger now. My hatred is for those people who keep this incident deliberately unpublished. If you think you are a responsible citizen and a patriot raise your voice against the decision made by the so-called trial at the BSF COURT. Be brave, be man! Don't act like impotent. 

It's us who should make the world a habitable place. We should be working shoulder to shoulder. Forget the bounderies of geography for once and for.....

And yes, have you heard MALALA has won some prestigious award for making PEACE? What do you think of that? Don't be deceived by WEST's mischievous act of fooling us.

For me my daughter Felani is my NOVEL PEACE WINNER; what do you say?How long must we endure the unfairness?

Answer me!

An ordinary Bangladeshi



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