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Al-Qaeda Islamists recruit for Jihad in London!!

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
12/09/2013 18:24 12/09/2013 18:23

An Islamic fair at the London Excel Centre was raided and shut down by the Scotland Yards Counter Terrorism Unit. It was joined by various security service agencies in the UK including the Home Office based Security Service MI5, Foreign and Commonwealth Office led Secret Intelligence Service SIS and MI6, Government Communications Headquarters (GCSQ), Ministry of Defence’s Defence Intelligence DI and Cabinet Office Joint Intelligence Organisation. 

There were two stalls in the Islamic Fair promoting materials that invite young people to Jihad. The stallholders have been arrested and held at the Paddington Green Police station for further questioning. They will be charged for glorifying terrorism, actively recruiting people to violent extremist activities and supporting Al-Qaeda. The organisers of the event have been accused of aiding and abetting terrorist organisations and have also been arrested. 

The Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition parties have praised the intelligence services’ brave and audacious step to safeguard our country from these evil ideologies and terrorists." 

I have just made up the above story. If you feel angry by my wild imagination I am really sorry but before you relegate me to the bottom of the pit of hatred please consider the following true story: 

"Illegal torture devices on sale at arms show (Metro headline on inside page 4)

London arms fair organisers eject two companies (BBC website headline)

Two companies have been ejected from a UK arms fair for promoting illegal weapons, after an MP raised the issue.
A spokesman for the DSEI event in London's Docklands said they were French firm Magforce International and Chinese company Tianjin Myway.
Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said the companies were promoting handheld projectile electric shock weapons, weighted leg cuffs and stun batons.
Organisers said HM Revenue and Customs enforced the law at the event.
A spokesman said the two companies were "found with literature in breach of British law".
Ms Lucas, who raised the issue in the House of Commons, said: "I am very pleased that they have been ejected but I think it is enormously worrying that it takes a question in Parliament to make DSEI do their jobs properly.
"One can have no confidence that the policy on selling illegal weapons is being upheld properly at all."
Organisers said the stands of the businesses involved were immediately shut down and their staff ejected from the event.
A spokesman said: "This action highlights our commitment to ensuring that all equipment, services, promotional material, documentation and anything else on display... complies with domestic and international law.
"Enforcing the law at DSEI is the responsibility of HMRC who have teams on site throughout the show for this purpose.
"The literature in question has been confiscated and passed to HMRC for further investigation. DSEI's compliance team is also looking into the matter further."
Magforce International and Tianjin Myway have not yet commented."

The saddest part is if it were a Muslim event, the national and international media, would have paraded the entire Muslim community in front of the national news and demanded an apology, condemnation and explanation as well as dominated the newspaper headlines. The entire Muslim community would have faced the wrath of the entire security establishment and the far right EDL would be demonstrating in town and cities across the country demanding that the Muslims are send back to where they come from. 

Those who were actively selling, promoting and encourage people to buy illegal weapons only get a squeak and scant mention in the media, and a simple ejection from the venue. How absurd is that? Imagine the consequences of their weapons when obtained by the brutal regimes of general Sisi in Egypt or Asad in Syria. How many innocent people would be shacked and tortured by the sophisticated torture tools Western companies produce and supply. How many people’s fingernails would be pulled out and electrodes attached to their private parts, courtesy of western arms dealers’ torture tools. They do these at our watch! 

Yet majority of our politicians say nothing and pay only lip service to the non-proliferation of these weapons. Intelligence services take disproportionate action against such companies or events. In fact we have weapons of mass destruction displayed and actively sold from such prestigious exhibition centres. The event is even endorsed by Department of Business and Industry. I am appalled! 

The Muslim community does not support terrorism, never did and never will; they do not support double standard either. Dictatorship is morally repugnant, those who sustain these tyrants by supplying them money and weapons are equally repugnant. In fact they are worse! The stanch of hypocrisy is unbearable and this makes me both sick and angry at the same time!

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Muslim Community in UK Al-Qaeda 


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