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who am i to judge Myself!

Written By: Sabir
04/10/2013 10:35 04/10/2013 8:48
Contemporary Debate

Responsible parents always look after and try to protect their children; as result of that, parents  do not allow children to drive fast to avoid likely accident, or do not allow them to have drugs which is harmful for them, or do not allow them  to do anything which might have an evil consequence. Whatever the reasons behind those restrictions, it is obvious that parents always want the best for the children; and, that is why, they do not allow children to do many things.

However, the problem arises when children do not understand the reasons behind the restrictions, or, in other words, parents have failed to make children understand the reasons behind the restrictions (RED LINE). 

 As a result of misunderstanding, children even start to believe that parents do not love them; that is why, parents do not give them the freedom- recent example, Oishee killed her parents!!

If Oishee’s parents had given her the freedom to have drugs, would they be considered as responsible parents? (of course-not)

“FREEDOM” is the most intricate word, because the theory of democracy supports freedom, which we all appreciate, but democracy does not give any “red line” or restriction to our freedom; therefore, it is possible to make wrong to right, black to white as long as majority of the people support that.

For example, if we apply the theory of democracy, and consider our democratic government as parent and we citizens are the children, then we children are allowed to have drugs (heroin, cocaine, etc.), and allowed to carry guns  to do anything if majority of the children support that; even though, we all know it is wrong!!

Therefore, we do need a “RED LINE”

Just want to present another reason, without criticising any democratic government and without being influenced by any religion:     

“Love” is an irrational thing, but every human being falls in love or has the ability to love, which might be for another human being, or animal, or inert material world. Although, it is not possible to measure love, but it is possible to convey/express love, and there are many different ways love can be expressed which depends on individual.  

As such, physical relation (sexual relation) is one of the ways to express love, but it is not the only way to express love. Throughout the world, there are some rules and regulations for sexual relation in every society that people, who live in that society, obey and respect. However, if we consider that physical relation is the only way to express love that will certainly be wrong; because, we do love our friends, and care for them but that does not mean we have to have sexual relation to prove our love. Similarly, for any sensible and civilised person, in any society, it is not possible to have sexual relation with his/her DOG (pets) to express their love!!  

However, in a democratic society, we people have the right to make rules and regulations; therefore, it is even possible to allow people to marry their pets if majority of the people believe that sexual relation is only way to express love. It may sounds disgusting, filthy, or weird to many of us today, but we will not have to wait for too long to see that. Because, yesterday, it was disgusting, filthy, and weird to talk about same-sex couples, all over the world, but today same-sex marriage is a symbol of modern-advanced-democratic society, which people all over the world (including Bangladesh) are celebrating, and waiting to celebrate the “HUMAN-DOG” marriage tomorrow!!      

I do not intend to criticise any democratic government; in fact, I do respect those countries (including Uncle Sam) for promoting equality and giving justice to “SHEMALE” (Gynomorphic male & Andromorphic female), and it is our duty to look after them (brothers & sisters).

However, I strongly disagree with the concept of “HOMOSEXUALITY”, because-

 If we all become same-sex couples, then there will not be any next generation in this world.

Similarly, we all share a common ancestor- and he was not a “HOMOSEXUAL”, otherwise we would not be here.  

 Therefore, (((“HOMOSEXUALITY” is not “LOGICAL”)))   

There is nothing called “ABSOLUTE -FREEDOM”; therefore, it is very important for all of us to reconsider the relation between “FREEDOM” & “DEMOCRACY”.

[The RED LINE for Muslims is in the Quran and Hadith, and there is a reason for every single red line, which we Muslims (children) do not want to understand, or, in other words, the scholars of Islam (our parents) have failed to make us understand the reasons behind those restrictions (RED LINE) in Islam.]

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