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Tunisian women’s sex Jihad for Syrian rebels

Written By: HarunurRashid
12/10/2013 22:37

When I was a student at Cambridge in the mid-sixties, the summer would see a host of girls from Europe, particularly Norway and Sweden, visiting the University town with its glorious burst of flowers and punting along the Cam which is no bigger than a canal in Bangladesh. But the colleges have been built on both sides with their flower gardens and green lawns.

Scandinavia is a region that permits free sex with no stigma on the single mothers. So these girls would travel to the warm south and would easily make friends with Asian students. They would enjoy life, date with brown boys and in case they conceived, they would proudly go back at the end of the summer to home country to be the proud mother of a brown baby.

At home they would get all health care facilities and state support for the baby and no eyebrows would be raised. There is no problem there with consensual sex. I was reminded of these girls this morning when I read about young Tunisian women travelling to Syria to comfort the rebel fighters and in a sinister way to stymie the flow of young fighters deserting the rebel camps. The report has it that each of them have sex with 20/30/100 fighters and in case they get pregnant they proudly go back to their own country with the ‘Jihad prize’ in their womb. 

Tunisia is a wonderful country with a glorious past. The ruins of Carthage are still there and you can see the remains of Queen Dido’s palace. The women here are beautiful, well-dressed some of them in western fashion, and it is a moderate Muslim country. 

In Roman times, Tunisia along with other coastal countries used to provide summer resorts to the Roman aristocracy. And women, of course, were among the attractions along with an abundance of fruits. When the Muslims conquered the Magreb sprawling all over the southern coast of the Mediterranean, women had to abide by the dress code and other canons prescribed for women. 

The report of these women going to Syria to provide physical and mental support to the rebels may be welcome to the West that are providing arms and ammunitions to the rebels fighting the Assad regime.  It may even create confusion among Muslims some of whom might even fail to see anything wrong in this. That will be their interpretation of Islam miles apart from the true spirit and canons of Islam as are prescribed in the Quran and Sunnah. In the eyes of Islam this is Jenah (illegal sex) and a great sin. No fatwa can change it and validate it for the fighters in Syria.

I am not saying this to make it easier for Assad to continue his tyrannical regime. Islam does not approve of dynastic rule and kings – friends or foes of America – are anti-Islam. And interestingly, the roots of dynastic rule were planted in Syria when Muawiya fought with the troops of Hazrat Ali (RA). Sensing defeat, Muawiya wanted his troops to hang the Quran from the spear-point and chant for a cease-fire. In the treaty that followed lay the seeds of dynastic rule which started with Yazid – continued with the Ummayads, the Abbasids and the Ottomans. None of these royalties had the approval of genuine Islam. 

However, the news may be heartening for the rebels and their Western patrons, but this is another abysmal violation of Islamic code. I would not be surprised if the West starts sending financial support to these ‘prostitutes’ posing as Jihadists in the name of Islam. The Western plan is gradually falling into a neat pattern. First, they destroyed Iraq which had the capability to strike at Israel. 

On their list now there is Egypt which is already in a shambles. If Syria falls, they will be relieved immeasurably to provide protection to the 51st state (?) of the United States of America. Things will then be much easier to take on Iran the only sovereign Muslim state left in the world. 

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Tunisia Syria war sex Jihad controversy 


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