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Sheikh Hasina shows no respect to people of Bangladesh or to the world.

Written By: Mozafor
19/12/2013 19:15
Burning Issue

A brother in facebook has asked me to write to UN, and human rights organization highlighting the dire human rights abuses that we are currently witnessing in Bangladesh. His concern is shared by 160 million local Bangladeshi as well as many millions of Bangladeshi living all over the world. But my respond to him out of frustration was that, Jamat has been lobbying Human Rights Organization, UN, European Parliament, British Parliament and numerous heads of state to stop the unfair, biased ICT in Bangladesh for the last five years. In spite of so many reports, so many interventions from world leaders, Sheikh Hasina damn cared any of them. She did what she wanted to do, because she had her mind fixed since 2007, and in all this her only trusted accomplice is her big brother India. So writing to UN and others at this stage will have no positive effect on the ground. Nor UN or USA is going to come physically to help us and no meaningful pressure will be applied. BNP is in dismal state with its leaders divided. Many of them are in jail for wrong reasons, and many of them maybe self imprisoned like Hussain Muhammad Ershad.  Who knows, Ershad could be doing the biggest deception of the century. It is absurd to believe that a person would be forcefully arrested, and yet he is able to send statements, and be allowed to have his senior party members visiting him, and surprisingly, he has been seen having a good laugh with Prime Ministers advisor Gohor Rizbi today. When I looked at their picture, I thought to myself that one of them maybe saying to the other, “Look how fool the people are! They seem to believe that I have been arrested, brother Rizbi, give me five!”  This perception could be due to my frustration, and I hope I am wrong, but my instinct tells me that Gen, Ershad is a very shrewd man; impossible is not in his dictionary.

However, I suggested my friend to take some practical step nearer to home, that he can advice Begum Zia to come out open to the press, and make a live statement to the public saying the following: “Dear country men, as you know I have tried my level best to come to a compromise with the Prime Minister, I even accepted election under premiership of the President, the speaker or their party man AK Khondokar for the sake of democracy, but the Prime Minister would not listen to any of our proposal. She is adamant to conduct a one sided election on the advice of a particular country. I would vehemently make it clear that any election without the opposition will mean an invalid, illegitimate government without people’s mandate, and as such, we reserve the right to cancel any international agreement made by this illegitimate Awami government. When we will come to power all these agreements will be null and void.” This statement will send a strong signal to India that winner takes all will not happen in Bangladesh. She should make it known that people of Bangladesh will not recognize this government and therefore, she should call on the people to go for an indefinite strike until the government falls. Even if she is not able to give any further statement, the people should follow her orders until she makes another live statement in front of the people. She should also speak like Sheikh Hasina often speaks, that force will be used against force. Deaths will be answered with appropriately means. Either Bangladesh will be free from oppression and tyranny or no peace for anyone trying to hijack our democratic rights.

Begum Zia should also make it clear to Bangladesh Arm forces, BGB, RAB and police that they should work in the interest of the people and not against them, They should not carry out killings on the order of the illegitimate government. She should follow on her statement with the argument that how can government orders be carried out by the Army when almost 154 parliamentary seats have been won without any votes. There is clearly no mandate from the overwhelming majority of the people to have any legitimacy to rule our country. She should also make it clear that any attempt to marginalize Bangladeshi Jamati Islam will be detrimental to peaceful co-existence in our society, as they are an inclusive part of our society, whose supporters are born and brought up in the same land as we. Therefore, politics of hate based on religious and political prejudice should not be supported or adhered to. Bangladesh freedom came for all and not for a few.

Sheikh Hasina and her Indian agent are doing the biggest deception to our people by playing the war crimes card. Some opposition politicians have already fallen in to this trap, and in many ways in the past have supported Awami Government to cling on to power to the disadvantage, and harm of their own party’s interest. There had been wide rumours in the air that Awamileague had brought many BNP leaders to work for them from within the party and in many instances provided confidential party decisions to Sheikh Hasina before it was announced. So this leakage helped Sheikh Hasina to forestall many opposition programs before it could initiate. War crimes Tribunal should have been a separate issue from any other issue. The two things should not have been mixed. The government successfully played with people’s mind that opposing the government is like opposing war crime tribunal. When Begum Zia gave call to respond to Hifazot Dhaka siege on the night of 6th May 2013, it was the duplicity of BNP leader Sadek Hussain Khuka, who held back BNP’s supporters from engaging, because he had fallen to the same trap that helping Hifazot would mean tarnishing himself with helping Jamat Shibir. Mr. Khuka will regret the rest of his life for the damage he had done to his party and innocent people of Hifazot.

At many times, I have noticed that many talk show pundit would hesitate to speak about the process and unfairness of the war crime Tribunal collusion between the judges, prosecution and the government, they fear being accused of supporting Jamat Shibir, even though they themselves know that the whole process is a government concocted drama only for political gains. Now we are seeing the same lacklustre agitation program from BNP. At a time when the movement should have been at its pinnacle in the capital, but we are seeing a free space is given to the government in the capital while valuable lives are lost in the politically insignificant border districts around Bangladesh. It is a very simple maths that capital city is the nerve centre of the government. When you cut the head, or make it giddy, the rest of the body is bound to fall in no time. Now we are hearing something very peculiar, and absurd from the government to BNP. They are saying that give us a month after 5th of January before we give you power. Firstly, this should not be believed, rather they are using it to gain time, and pre-empt any effective agitation program from the opposition. What does staying in power have to do with concluding the war crimes judgement? If awamileague believes in rule of law, then whoever comes to power should not make any difference. Doesn’t this goes to prove that Awamileague is not after justice but in name of justice they are hell-bent on eliminating their political opponent Jamat.

In a recent report carried out in USA based newspaper Tikana, it is believed from a source that Sheikh Hasina has been given assurance from India that in case her holding on to power becomes untenable, India would rescue her to safety. Meanwhile their prescription is to continue with one sided election without giving BNP any chance to compromise. Once government is formed after 5th January, India hopes to conclude all agreements with Bangladesh government including transit facility before they would give in to any outside pressure. If that is not selling the country then what is called sedition? Sheikh Hasina should be tried for numerous crimes and above all for sedition against the state. Time is not on Shekh Hasina’s side, today or tomorrow all injustices will be answered. She only needs to look at the past, and see what the result of tyrants and oppressor were. She need not look beyond Bangladesh borders; in fact, her own family history should be a reminder for her.


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