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Written By: MuniraMaheen
24/12/2013 7:47

There is a political noise free calm and quiet small village market named Jhaudanga in Satkhira. It has no record of political violence before. But, suddenly it became unsteady Tuesday morning at 8:50 AM. This is not about meeting, procession or blockade. No one knows the true reason. Everyday general people perform their work freely under strike, blokade or whatever it is. Day laborers come and serve another to earn their livelihood. But the irony is: in the morning police shot a rickshaw puller (van driver) named Hafizur (22) on his head while he was calling passenger for his van. He fell into ground and spot dead. At the same time, a bicycle mechanic named Haran became injured with bullets of police. Haran mechanic repairs bicylce for several decades. He is very close to all Hindu and Muslim community.

General people are throwing questions towards the authority asking why not he get protection. None was there to give them answer. Haran was severely wounded. He has been admitted to Hospital in a critical condition. Deceased Hafizur son of Lokman Ali of the Gobindakathi area of Sadar Upazila who was killed in the operation. He is the 4th among five brothers. His mother is still alive and his family is very poor. He was the only earning member of his parents and other family members by driving van. Injured Haran (65) is from Goponathpur of Kalaroa Upazila. His father’s name is Vodromohon Paul. Another van driver also injured with bullets. He is also from Gabindakathi village in Satkhira named Kurban Ali.  


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