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Who vows for 'Terrorism?': The story of Bangladesh Chatra League

Written By: PathikRasel
28/02/2014 9:41

Bangladesh has been experiencing indiscriminate 'terrorist' activities by the ruling party Bangladesh Awami League (BAL) and its student wing the Bangladesh Chatra League (BCL) since 2006. It all started anew after the BNP-led four-party alliance stepped down from their reign of five years (2001 - 2006). On the 28th October 2006, the BAL and BCL cadres rushed into the large gathering of peaceful audiences, and attacked them arbitrarily, killing 8 men in day light. These videos may give you a glimpse of the horrendous and dreadful murder:


Since then, the BAL and BCL's terrorism had neither ended, nor was limited, rather it only multiplied in manifold. Concerns and fear from the layman civilians have also been expressed in the local media many times. ( )


BCL have been active in murder, killing, rape and creating anarchy in broad day light in manners which the Bangladeshis have never ever thought of earlier! News reports have always shown their cadres with live ammunitions, naked weapons, sharp knives, swords and explosives in numerous reports, of various occasions. Some of those are provided here for your reference:


The BCL cadres did not have enough sense of 'love' to spare an innocent 8 year old (yes, 'eight' year old, not eighteen!) boy named Arman from their murderous hands! What a pity! Was he ever involved in any opposition to BCL? Does he even understand what politics or terrorism is? But his family tasted the meaning of BCL terrorism - indeed!


Unfortunately, the BAL terrorism do not end there! The court also released the prime suspect Limon after he had been initially arrested.


A teenager meritorious student named Toki also faced the same fate of that of Arman at the brutal hands of BCL cadres, and under the sponsorship of BAL leaders like Shamim Osman. Toki had been killed over disputes between BAL factions, of which Toki had no role to play at all as a teenager! Yet, he had to die.


The nature of BCL's terrorism had always been unprecedented in the history of independent Bangladesh. For instance, in the Biswajit killing, the use of raw and sharp weapons were clearly captured in the media reports. Biwajit was chopped to death by the BCL cadres.




It is obviously for the unending terrorism and anarchy by the BAL-BCL, the Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC) has published a report on their terrorist activities. The summary is available here in this link:


The numerous incidents reported about the BCL terrorism are evident enough to enlist BCL as a terrorist organization. Above all, it is saddening that the BAL government has been endorsing and providing all necessary supports to the BCL for their terrorism to continue. We, the common people of Bangladesh, would urge the international media and rights organization to write to BAL government and its student wing BCL to stop all their terrorist activities immediately.


If there is an organization eligible to be enlisted as a terrorist organization, it is none other than the BAL along with its student wing BCL!

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