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Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Media

Written By: Fariha
30/04/2014 17:03
Science and Technology

The digital revolution has not just arrived, it has well settled in. Traditional communications have muted, fragmented and diversified to create a spectrum of media experiences that provide consumers non-parallel option and freedom of choice. With the rise of the digital media, brand can connect with consumers in a way beyond imagination.

Consumers from anywhere in the world can be targeted with Digital Media tactics. By utilizing popular digital media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, 13 billion consumers can be reached worldwide. This is equivalent of 1/7 of the world population. Moreover you can share contents, push products and promote upcoming events to thousands or over millions of consumer with a mere tweet or Facebook update. Social Media Management Services can be used such as Hoot Suite to schedule Facebook content or tweets to reach consumers around the world.

Before: Limited local markets unless you have a large budget as a local legacy.

Now: Open up a Google Adwards account and one can easily advertise to consumers in all the seven continents.

Create personalized messages from feedbacks and gain insights regarding consumers by using digital marketing tools and target them with personalized messages. For instance, suggest accessories to customers who have just bought a handset from a shop.

Before: Displayed generic ads that didn't resonate with specific consumers.

Now: Use CRM or analytic tools and you can find out exactly what kind of advertisements will entice consumer.

Digital Marketing Performance can be measured by digital products and services. With analytics, a user can attain valuable data such as time duration bounce rate, which is helpful to improve digital marketing campaign. Moreover, email marketing platforms such as MailChimp to determine your email campaigns open rates and click through rates, further bolstering marketing initiatives.

Before: Difficult to determine ads' readership and effectiveness.

Now: Anyone can precisely identify the power of ad copy by analyzing marketing data with Google Analytics.

As we all know, online marketing is very cost effective compared to many traditional effective mediums. By using digital tools such as Google ad wards and Facebook you can reach hundreds or even thousands of consumers for just a couple of dollars. This is particularly useful for smaller companies trying to gain recognition with limited resources.

Before: Had to invest heavily on magazine, billboard and TV Ads to broadcast your brand.

Now: Spend a minimal as $1 a day and you can advertise your products & services across the globe.

An advertising calendar can be created that will center consumers' activities with digital tools.

Before: Advertisements were stationary.

Now: Optimize ad schedule based on consumers’ activities so that the copy can be seen at optimal times.

Communicate with consumer conveniently via social media, answer queries, and request feedback with a single tweet or Facebook status.

Before:One couldonly communicate with consumers in a particular geographic location due to time zone differences and inadequacy of communication tools.

Now: Just need to create pages in social media sites and interact with customers and consumers anywhere in the world.

We are able to examine marketing results in real time with digital marketing platforms by using digital tools such as and google analytics. How many people have clicked on your link, determine your traffic source, identify conversations that has been received immediately after sharing a content, can also be tracked down by using digital tools. This enables us to quickly modify marketing initiative if the marketing approach inadequacy is discovered.

Before: One could only track marketing performance months after marketing campaign.

Now: Determine marketing results immediately with tools such as and Google Analytics.

Consumers can be engaged more proactively by digital marketing tactics such as interactive video campaign, consumers can become more involved with the brand by giving them choices to select part of the plots. This will make audience more emotionally attached and fond of the brand. In addition, to video campaigns, it can also be used to remarket ads to target consumers.

Before: Advertisements were very passive where audience could only sit back and receive information.

Now: Ads allow consumers to interact with brands by giving them options to select from as part of the marketing initiatives.

Contents can be shared more easily with digital marketing tactics by producing video content and sharing those in on time. Perfect example can be "Gangnam Style".

Before: Extremely difficult for content to go due to numerous communication barrier.

Now: Post contents on social media which can be shared by millions of people worldwide.

One can control the frequency of advertisement with digital advertisements. For instance, if anyone discovers the certain ad copy has low conversations rate or click through rates, immediately it can be paused or deleted. This allows to constantly display the most compelling, powerful ads to consumers so maximum results can always be generated.

Before: Could only change advertising campaign months after its initiative, by which time it might be too late to boost its performance.

Now: One can easily pause or remove advertisements if it's underperforming.

Digital marketing is arguably most crucial component of businesses' marketing strategy. With digital can search any consumer in the world investing tremendously in their marketing campaigns. This trend has grown as the widespread of mobile devices and social media networks have made digital marketing the best way to connect consumers today.

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