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Work life vs Personal life: Personal view

Written By: Troublemaker
14/05/2014 12:45 13/05/2014 11:32
Thoughts and Ideology

I have been working in a Canadian based multi-national company in Chittagong EPZ for more than three years. Previously I worked in a private company which is owned by a British Bangladeshi entrepreneur situated at outside of Export Processing Zone. After working three years in my present company, I have learned a very vital thing that is the confliction between work life and personal or family life. During the study of my MBA course, I learned that modern organization has been very keen to make balance with work life and family life of an employee. The reason is to achieve the organization goal. Now the problem is that we do not see such valuable ideas in practical life.
Earlier when I worked in a private Bangladeshi company, I saw that they hardly followed any government rules and regulation unless they compelled to comply with. Surprisingly, they had no HRM department. Only a few persons worked as personnel who maintained the attendance and leave forms.  Executive director was the operation head of the company but GM is the ultimate person who operates its production and plays a vital role for all decision making situations. ED was an old person who retired from his regular service fifteen years before of joining in the company.
He was a well-educated person but having a very conservative mindset. He sometimes told something that he never believed. He advised that an employee does not need leave if there is no emergency. If an employee asked for leave for his marriage event, he did not congratulate but always tried to cut the leave days from what the employee requested for. From such negative mindset, most of the potential employees left the company that hampered the growth of the company.
Now I am working as an Assistant Manager in Commercial dept. in my new company. This is a manufacturing company which runs twenty four hours production. The management of the company is multi-cultural. The head of the operation is a top student of MBA. His thinking and observation is very much up to date and he is prone to create an identical culture inside the company to resemble with the headquarters that is situated in Canada. The working environment is very fast moving that’s why time management plays a vital role to accomplish the tasks on time. Office timing is very stiff and disciplined. The simple reason for this rigidness is to complete the tasks within the office time so that an employee can conduct his personal and family life freely. If someone fails to accomplish his task on time, he has to get this done by staying in the office for more time that obviously makes him frustrated. At the beginning, I could not cope up with this change environment but as the days move, I am now fully accustomed with it and I feel comfortable as well. The only thing that I missed a lot is the holidays that I enjoyed in my previous company. As it is a manufacturing company, you have to transfer your routine tasks to your colleague so that work should not be hampered. This is why employees have to work as a team under this kind of working environment. Though this company is not also an ideal for resolving the confliction of personal and work life, it is something better than nothing. Usually in a country like us is far away from such thinking. We hope that gradually our top management will think about this issue on a priority basis to increase the productivity and quality of an employee whatever he is an officer or worker. Every company is very keen to achieve the organizational goal. The goal will not be achieved properly if the employees of the company do not have a stress free personal and family life.         
NB: Apology is offering if there is any error.

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