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Is Europe sleep walking into fascism?

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
26/05/2014 14:15
Burning Issue

Last night I could not bear the BBC 1's European Parliamentary election results coverage for too long and quickly resigned to my bed in dismay and disgust. I was witnessing the return of the neo-nazi sympathising groups in Europe! It should send shivers down the spines of every sane and enlightened European that the far right openly racist, anti-semetic, imigrant hating and Islamophibic groups have gained so much vote share.

The UKip victory in the UK, the french far right National Front's 25% of the votes, neo-fascist Greek Golden Dawn's 10%, nationalist and anti immigrant Danish People's party's 27%, Hungarian Jobbik's 15% and small yet significant gains of other racist parties across Europe indicate extremely alarming development. I fear that Europe is sliding into a new era of fascism. The ordinary people of Europe are being rabble roused by far right political groups. European ruling class especially the rich and previliged from both the left and right of the political divide have been oblivious of the anger and resentment that has been brewing at the heart of the grassroots communities in Europe. The elite have never had it better, while the poor and disengaged across Europe have become poorer and more distant from the decision making processes, they have become richer and more powerful.

These social and economic injustices have spurred the masses to stand up against the status quo but they have also been duped by the far right parties to vote for them. Either way, I am predicting a terrible downward slide to an environment of racism, social disharmony, bigotry, discrimination and physical attacks on the minorities in Europe. The sad reality is unfolding right in front of our eyes with groups barging into places of worship and individuals beings attacked and killed on the streets of Europe just because they are not white or Christians.

The rich and the powerful could buy security and protection but the visible minorities may be able run but won't be able hide. The streets of Europe could see rivers of blood if things do not change fast and now. The ounus for preventing this and the changes lie with everyone in Europe.

I could think of 7 urgent political changes immediately:

1. The economic inequality must be reversed. The minority who own the majority of the wealth must be prepared to redistribute the wealth fairly. The unfair and unequal access to wealth creating opportunities make people angry and in the long run destroyed social harmony.

2. Social justice must be restored. The class divide and the elitism that dominate the social sphere of Europe is breeding an underclass of people. This must be eradicated. All human beings are worth equal dignity, honour and rights.

3. The political parties must fundamentally reform. The idea that parties' political interest should supercede the interest of the community must be shunned. Political parties are only tools to serving people and not an end.

4. Politicians are not the masters. Local councillors, MPs and MEPs are not the masters but are the elected servants of the electorate and only for a fixed period of time. When the elected servants assume superiority and absolute authority the troubles begin. This power imbalance must be changed.

5. The voices, vision and votes of ordinary people must count and make a difference. The ordinary public holds a view and has the right to challenge those who are in authority. Their votes are not a mandate for tyranny and certainly not license to ignore them. Listening to the voices of local people must be demonstrated by action. Engaging the public is not a rocket science and must be regular and genuine. 
6. Those who attempt to represent ordinary people in the national and European parliaments across Europe must be ordinary people. The public must feel connected with the elected representatives. In many cases ministers who are born with silver spoon in their mouth or never having endured a day of poverty or hardship make them incapable of relating to the majority. The people in power should have the experience or genuine empathy of their electorate.

7. Trust between politicians and public must be rebuilt. At the moment most people hate politicians and only get to hear them or see them around election time. This is not acceptable and must change. Politicians should spend more time in their constituencies working with the local people instead of pushing papers in the parliamentary offices or galavanting the world chasing more money and fame.

I am still extremely anxious about our future in Europe. Can we alter this tide of fascism in Europe or have we just witnessed the beginning of another era of Nazism? I certainly pray that European masses would rise to the challenge and work to change the political ways instead of supporting hate mongering far right extremist groups.

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